PSC recognizes MFiber as top among its peers

The PSC recognizes MFiber as best among ingredient suppliers to the pet industry.

The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) has recognized MFiber, located in Aurora, Missouri, as Best in Category among its accredited companies who are ingredient suppliers to the pet industry. 

MFiber is a cellulose fiber from the perennial Miscanthus gigantous grass, grown in the Midwest region of the United States. The product is an alternative to powdered cellulose, a commonly used pet food ingredient. Founded in 2015 MFiber’s vertically integrated system requires only light processing, is a non - genetically modified organism (GMO) crop and is grown on marginal land with minimal inputs. As a perennial it does not depend on energy inputs for replanting annually, and as a tall grass it is effective at carbon sequestration. 

“Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our work at MFiber. We joined PSC in 2019 because we shared their definition of sustainability, focusing on people, pets, and the planet. We are committed to providing excellent employment opportunities and value-driven work in rural areas of the United States, as well as reducing the environmental impact of an important, healthy, ingredient used in pet food,” said Dustin Dover, COO of MFiber. 

PSC recently completed an independent, scientifically validated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) comparing the MFiber product to powdered cellulose across eight critical environmental benchmarks during the material and manufacturing stages. The LCA showed MFiber had dramatically lower environmental impacts across all indexes. “The results of the LCA were astounding,” said PSC Director of Sustainability Melissa Bauer. “MFiber used 86% less fossil fuel and a whopping 98% less water than powdered cellulose, and generated 87% less Greenhouse gas emissions. It is exciting to think of the global impact if even a fraction of the pet industry switched from powdered cellulose to MFiber.” 

A summary of the LCA is available at mfiber/. 

PSC also calls attention to MFiber’s demonstrated commitment to people, community and social responsibility. Said Caitlyn Dudas, PSC Executive Director: “In addition to its highly sustainable environmental practices, MFiber impressed us with its socially responsible leadership. A top performer in PSC’s 30 Day, 1000 Actions Challenge to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the pet industry, MFiber is clearly committed to paying living wages and expanding employment opportunities in the heartland. We are proud to recognize them for their leadership.” 

To learn more about MFiber go to or [email protected]


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