Open Farm Pet reflects on a year of positives

Open Farm Pet reflects back on a year of accomplishments toward sustainability.

Open Farm Pet is reflecting on the positives and the role our pets have played to bring us companionship and joy - this year more than ever 

The premium pet food brand is raising the bar on the way we feed our pets and has garnered major accomplishments toward sustainability efforts and ethical and transparent sourcing, thus, we’re excited to share a Year in Review at Open Farm Pet:  

· 1st pet food brand with reusable packaging

· 75,000+ meals donated to shelters in need 

· 306,000+ pet food bags recycled through TerraCycle (as of Oct 2020)

· 2.89 million pounds of Certified Humane and Global Animal Partnership meat was sourced by Open Farm in 2020. Not only does this result in happier and healthier farm animals, it raises the demand for ethical treatment of animals in the industry, and leads to a higher quality of meat for our pets.

· 21.1K pet parents visited Open Farm’s online traceability tool to trace the origins of the ingredients in each recipes

Looking ahead to 2021, Open Farm is leading the pack within the pet food space to deliver the highest quality nutrition and is trailblazing when it comes to 2021 trends -- think transparency in ingredients, customization for your pet, and toppers! 

Open Farm’s 2021 Pet Food Trends:

· Transparency is Key - Open Farm believes that what goes into your pets’ bodies shouldn’t be a mystery. Using the lot code on their Open Farm bag, pet parents have the ability to instantly trace the origin of each ingredient in their recipes. Furthermore, from farm to bowl, Open Farm recipes feature only humanely raised meats and functional ingredients such as non GMO leafy greens, carrots, chicory root, turmeric and other superfoods with no artificial flavors, preservatives or fillers. 

· Customization (for all ages & life stages) - Open Farm continues to see the rise of pet parents wanting to provide customized, personalized diets for their pets. Both in terms of variety and experience, but most importantly from a nutritional perspective, pet parents are becoming more educated and curious about how their pet’s diet impacts their overall health and happiness. Open Farm has always looked to meet this need for pet parents, by offering a diverse product assortment that meets a wide variety of consumer needs including nutrient-dense recipes for dogs and cats from premium Dry Food, Freeze Dried Raw and Gently Cooked Recipes to Rustic Stews and Blends, Bone Broth, Kefir and more.

· Bone Broth Isn’t Bougie, Your Pet Should Be Scarfing Supplements -  Treat your dog or cat to a nutritious and delicious boost with Open Farm Pet’s Bone Broth. A super soup for your dogs or cats and packed with healthy nutrients, this bone broth can easily be added as a flavorful topper to your pet’s favorite wet or dry dish or to re-hydrate Open Farm’s Freeze Dried Raw recipes. Available in Grass-Fed Beef, Homestead Turkey, and Harvest Chicken, using ethically raised protein (free of antibiotics or growth hormones), the bone broth uses 100% human-grade ingredients and is formulated with slowly simmered bones for maximum health benefits.



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