Darling Ingredients announces opening of new facility

Darling Ingredients announces the opening of new facility in the Netherlands.

Darling Ingredients' Sonac Functional Products is proud to announce the opening of an advanced facility to help its customers to develop innovative new meat and savory products. At the new Sonac Product and Application Research Center (known as SPARC*), product specialists and clients will have the opportunity to try out different recipes and application possibilities using Sonac's QRange animal proteins. Our experts will demonstrate the benefits, and many uses of these food ingredients, which are all 100% natural.

Experimentation and iteration

SPARC* has been designed to make it possible to try out different options and to perform large-scale tests using industrial processes and equipment. This way, food professionals can develop pilot products with confidence. The aim is to let customers explore the best solutions to day-to-day meat puzzles, such as water binding, salt reduction, meat colouring, soy replacement, fat absorption or texture improvement. With the assistance of our specialists and our comprehensive range of meat proteins, SPARC* can help companies develop sustainable, commercially viable new products.

The center point of meat and savory solutions

SPARC* is located next to Sonac's food-grade production facility in Vuren (NL), where sustainable ingredients for food, pet food and feed are manufactured. The Sonac sales support and R&D teams are also on site to add expertise and facilitate communication. Together, Sonac's specialists and its customers can spark collaboration on product and process development while sharing our nose-to-tail philosophy of using animal resources to the fullest.

Industrial machinery for reliable results

A key advantage of SPARC* is that it features professional equipment that replicate the functionality of the equipment used in the food industry. Multiple meat products and different batches can therefore be made within a realistic, practical setting. Through tests and trials, it's easy to see how our functional QRange proteins can improve different recipes, and how to use them optimally. Our specialists are there to help with every iteration, every step of the way, enabling food producers to add real value to their products.

Ignite the spark to new ideas and concepts

For anyone wanting to optimize meat & savory recipes, SPARC* is the ideal place to transform bright ideas into ready-to-produce solutions.

"Thanks to SPARC*, we can now support and educate customers from all over the world better than ever before. We look forward to working together on the opportunities that our QRange proteins offer for creating innovative meat and savory products."
- Arjan van Waes, Director of Sonac Functional Products

Turning meat or savory puzzles into sparkling solutions

SPARC* offers product development opportunities that have never been available before. To make the most of these, book a tailor-made visit now. We'll demonstrate the facilities and explain how to make the most of them to turn the spark of an idea into a meat or savory product that consumers will love. 

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