GREENIES launches new dog supplements

Greenies launches new dog supplements.

A recent survey shows that 77% of pet parents have concern about their pet’s health1. To help pet owners take a more proactive approach to their dogs’ health, the makers of vet-recommended GREENIES brand have launched GREENIES Dog Supplements–tail waggingly good, easy-to-feed soft chews in three varieties: Hip & Joint, Immune Health, and Skin & Coat–specially formulated by a team of Ph.D. animal nutritionists. The new supplements aim to support pets’ wellness to help dogs be at their best. 

"The GREENIES brand is trusted in oral health, so it was only natural for us to expand to a new category, offering a product to help pet parents take a more active role in their pet’s wellness," said Craig Neely, vice president of marketing, Mars Petcare. "With new GREENIES Dog Supplements, pet parents can give their dogs this tasty, once-a-day soft chew, just as they would take a vitamin supplement themselves, and know they’re turning health into something their pets really enjoy.” 

GREENIES Dog Supplements are designed to help care for our pets in a way that’s both effortless and enjoyable. They come in three easily identifiable varieties–Hip & Joint, Skin & Coat and Immune Health–to meet the pet’s specific needs: 

  • GREENIES Hip & Joint Dog Supplements contain active ingredients Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help your dog continue to be active. 
  • GREENIES Skin & Coat Supplements contain fish oil, naturally rich in omega-3 fatty acids like EPA & DHA, to provide nourishment for your dog’s skin and coat. 
  • GREENIES Immune Health Supplements contain a powerful blend of antioxidants, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help support your dog’s natural defenses. 

1 As reported in February 2021 by Kinship Partners in the first modern pet parent report 


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