A Pup Above revamps recipes

A Pup Above revamps recipes.

A Pup Above, one of the fastest-growing gently cooked foods in the market, announced that it will be revamping its four gently cooked recipes with the addition of fresh bone broth. The company plans to showcase the new recipes at booth 258 at Global Pet Expo in March 2022. The company will officially roll out the new line to stores at the end of March. 

“The addition of bone broth in our recipes was inspired by our dog Lola, a 16 lb pomsky. She loves the taste of bone broth, but she’s never able to finish a whole container of it before it goes bad. We wanted to provide a less wasteful and more convenient way to give it to her daily ,” says A Pup Above co-founder and CEO Ruth Marriott. 

The new A Pup Above products will remain single source protein recipes. All recipes are also certified human grade and cooked in a USDA inspected kitchen in the United States. On average, the company’s recipes contain 50% or more protein than other gently cooked brands. It also contains less carbohydrates in its formulations than any other product in the market. 

“Bone broth is an amazing superfood, packed with collagen and amino acids to nourish your pups. By adding bone broth to the A Pup Above recipes it makes it much easier for us and other pet parents to incorporate bone broth into our dogs’ diets on a daily basis,” says Ruth. 

In 2021, A Pup Above expanded to over 1,000 new pet stores across the country, including major chains Hollywood Feed, Healthy Spot, Mud Bay, Pet Supplies Plus, Pet People, Bentley’s, Pet Stuff and Tomlinson’s among others. By the end of 2022, A Pup Above expects to be in 3,000 stores across the United States. 

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