PEDIGREE Foundation announces the opening of its 2022 grant cycle

PEDIGREE Foundation announces 2022 grant cycle.

The PEDIGREE brand launched a new campaign called Rescue Doodles, to let kids take the reins and unleash their creativity in the family’s search for the perfect pup.

Through Rescue Doodles, the PEDIGREE brand is tapping AI technology and machine learning to match a child’s drawing or doodle with a similar looking, adoptable dog nearby, all powered by How it works is simple: to match a doodle with an adoptable dog, just snap a photo of the masterpiece and text it to the Rescue Doodles number to be directed to an adorable pup available for adoption nearby. According to the Mars Petcare State of Pet Homelessness Index, there are more than 5M homeless pets in shelters in the United States. With Rescue Doodles, the PEDIGREE brand is continuing its mission to help all dogs find a loving home in a fun and interactive way that gets the whole family involved. 

Additionally, PEDIGREE Foundation has announced the opening of its 2022 grant cycle, marking the foundation’s 15th year of providing U.S. shelters and rescues with much-needed funding. This year, the foundation aims to give $1 million in grants, with a focus exclusively on programs that support transport, foster, behavior and matching programs.  

Grants Available in 2022 

PEDIGREE Foundation’s 2022 grants program includes the following types of grants:  

  • Annual Grants – awarded in the fall 

·         DOGS RULE. Grants ($100,000) – These two-year grants ($50,000 per year) will be awarded to fund new, creative and innovative initiatives that not only help their own organizations, but also could serve as best-practice models for other shelters and rescues to help increase dog adoption rates.  

·         Program Development Grants ($5,000 – $15,000) – These grants will support activities that expand the operational capability of shelters or rescues to improve dog adoption rates. This includes the expansion of existing programs or new programs.  

·         Shelters and rescues can apply for annual grants here.  

  • Disaster Relief Grants  

·         These grants are available year-round to address natural disasters, puppy mill seizures or hoarding situations. They can be applied for all year long through a separate application process, available here

Those interested in applying for a 2022 grant are invited to join a webinar on Thursday, 3/17, at 1PM CT to learn more. All applicants must have a current 501(c)(3) tax designation status with shelters or rescues operating in the U.S. to submit an application here: online grant applications.



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