CESAR commits to creating pet-friendly workplaces

Cesar launches new program to encourage pet-friendly offices.

The CESAR brand, proudly part of the Mars family of brands, has always believed that the best life is shared between pets and their pet parents. The brand is setting out to create a more dog-friendly world, starting with the workplace, by launching the CESAR HIRE MY DOG program, providing pet parents with expertise and tools to advocate for getting their four-legged best friends "hired" on a mission to create more pet-friendly workplaces.

"Dogs deserve to be welcomed everywhere, and we know that pet-friendly workplaces can help boost employee morale, increase productivity and improve culture," said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Mars Pet Nutrition North America. "The CESAR brand is all about shared moments between dogs and their pet parents. Our dogs are our best friends, and now, we're taking that to the next level and making it our true purpose to create a more dog-friendly world for pet parents and pet lovers everywhere."

With workplaces continuing to adapt and evolve, many companies are revisiting what it will mean to be "in the office" post-pandemic, looking at new models to address workers' new expectations. Offering togetherness between pups and pup parents in the office can provide mood-boosting benefits. In fact, in a survey of pet parents, 89% said it's important for them to continue spending time with pets during the workday1, and according to a new survey commissioned by the CESAR brand2, dog owners recognized the many benefits of being able to bring their pet to work:

  • The majority (58%) say that "dogs make the best coworkers."
  • The most common benefits that pet parents believe that dogs at work can offer include boosting happiness (58%) and relieving anxiety or stress (57%).
  • More than half of dog owners feel bringing their dog to work would encourage them to take breaks (55%) and would foster more social interaction in the workplace (52%).

To help make office togetherness a reality for everyone, the CESAR HIRE MY DOG program provides pet parents and businesses with resources needed to welcome canine coworkers into a pet-friendly workplace at CESARHireMyDog.com. There, people will find the CESAR HIREMY DOG Resume Builder Tool–-a place to turn their dog into a canine candidate by creating a resume that plays up the qualities their dog offers to the workplace, which can be promoted on social media, endorsed by colleagues and friends, and most importantly, shared with employers to help get your dog "hired."

The program is built on insights from Mars Petcare's BETTER CITIES FOR PETS program, which uses a research-based model to identify the key actions that make a community pet friendly, from shelters to parks to businesses and beyond. CESARHireMyDog.com features the program's PETS WORK AT WORK toolkit to help workers responsibly advocate for pet-friendly workplaces by providing a sample pet policy, pet amenities considerations and tips on pet-friendly design and more.

To continue encouraging pet-friendly policies in the workplace, the CESAR brand is offering the chance for one lucky pet parent to win a "Pup-Up Workspace" in their hometown or office. This one-of-a-kind experience will allow pet parents to work alongside their four-legged friends for the day in a custom spot, sporting amenities needed for a pet-friendly workspace.

Today through April 13, 2022, pet parents can enter the contest by building a resume for their pooch, sharing it on Instagram or Twitter with #HireMyDog, #Contest and @CesarCuisine in your post and follow the brand. Following the contest close, fifteen eligible finalists will be chosen and awarded $25 worth of CESAR product, and one lucky winner will be selected to experience the "Pup-Up Workspace" in their hometown or office, as well as a year-supply of CESAR Canine Cuisine for their pup. (There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. Eligibility restrictions apply.) Full contest details, official rules and eligibility restrictions can be found at CesarHireMyDogContest.com.

Our pets are an important part of our lives, so treating them with the love they deserve means treating them with meals they'll love. CESAR Canine Cuisine is designed with shared moments in mind in a wide range of bold recipes, high-quality ingredients and the flavors dogs crave.

"A pet-friendly workplace is essential to our company culture, so we've implemented pet-friendly policies and 'pet-perks'–- such as leash attachments at desks, water stations and relief areas–-to ensure our space is as pet-friendly as possible," said Dave Bradey, people & organization Head, Mars Petcare North America. "Having a dog-friendly office continues to be a differentiator for employers seeking high-power talent. Not only does it help in recruiting efforts and retention, it helps bring employees together and build positive relationships, which is more important than ever, after spending time apart over the last two years. Our hope is for the CESAR HIRE MY DOG program to inspire more businesses to make simple transitions to a more pet-friendly workplace."

To learn more about the CESAR brand and CESAR HIRE MY DOG program, visit CESARHireMyDog.com, or follow the CESAR brand on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For more information on the CESAR HIRE MY DOG contest and to read the official rules, visit CESARHireMyDogContest.com.


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