Symrise Pet Food introduces nutrition brand

Symrise Pet Food introduces new nutrition brand.

The new brand comprises the industry-leading resources and capabilities of IsoNova, ADF, Vivae and Schaffelaarbos, now integrated as Nutrios egg, chicken and health solutions.

Through Nutrios,
Symrise Pet Food will continue to supply legacy brands to customers with these fundamental ingredients. They form an essential part in creating premium animal-nutrition formulations, backed by an authoritative record in quality, safety and sustainability.

“The strength of our legacy brands says a lot about the potential of our new brand,” explains John Tiedeman, general manager, Animal Nutrition at Symrise Pet Food. “These trusted resources have been creating value for decades. During this exciting time, we feel proud to contribute our part to the growth of Symrise in the pet-food industry. The team working on the Nutrios brand has optimally prepared itself to serve the global market.”

Natural nourishment

With its value-added egg portfolio, Nutrios delivers the nutritional benefits of protein concentrations and binding and emulsification ingredients for functional applications. Chicken ingredients include premium-quality protein, broth and fat for dry and wet formulations. For specific health topics, such as weight management, digestive health and healthy aging, Nutrios offers a range of solutions made from natural ingredients.

Collaborative expertise

Nutrios fields a team of respected researchers, developers and marketing specialists with long experience in product development, based on natural, foundational ingredients.

For customers who want to premiumize their offerings, Nutrios helps create nutritious and functional solutions with a premium portfolio of products, technical expertise, performance and innovation to visibly improve pet health and wellness.

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