JustFoodForDogs spends big on vet research

JustFoodForDogs spends over $5.5 million on vet research.

JustFoodForDogs, the inventor and leader of the fresh, whole food movement for pets–and the #1 veterinarian-recommended fresh pet food brand–announces that it has crossed over $5.5 million spent on veterinary research. This research, both large-scale published studies and internal ongoing research from their in-house team of vets, has collectively shown that serving pets a fresh, whole food dietand removing kibble from their dishes–can have extraordinary health benefits.

JustFoodForDogs is the first brand to offer scientifically-researched fresh, whole food recipes for pets made from human-grade ingredients and cooked in the industry's first ever open-to-the-public kitchens, with the goal of improving the length and quality of life of pets through the best possible nutrition. By focusing their efforts on science–and without spending on large ad campaigns–the brand has grown from a singular kitchen in California to a company that is on track to serve over 100 million meals to their pet customers in 2023.

JustFoodForDogs is a veterinary science driven company, with multiple veterinarians on staff, as well as a nutrition research advisory board, each with specific specialties and board certifications in areas including nutrition, toxicology and dermatology.

With 11 kitchens across the country where you can see its meals being created daily, to its 1,100 retail locations inside Petco and PetFoodExpress partner stores, and its online partnership with Chewy, JustFoodForDogs has created the model by which an entire sector of the pet food industry has been formed.

"They bring the marketing, we bring the science," said President Carey Tischler of his competitors ad spend for the Big Game, approximated to cost upward of $5.5M. "By spreading the word that feed-grade, mass-produced kibble is bad for our pets, and that a diet of fresh food can be transformative in their lives, we are all collectively arriving at our goal of giving a better life to our pets."

"Our differentiator, of course, is that science" he continues. "By beginning with research-backed nutrition as our baseline, we stand alone in the market as a brand that not only creates nutritious recipes that dogs love, but one that works with vets around the country. In the same way that science is now showing the unequivocal difference that this type of diet makes in human lives, we are seeing the same on the pet side."

In 2014, JustFoodForDogs made news when it created the largest-scale humane feeding trial ever conducted by a pet food company at an independent university. Published by the  Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, the data showed that not only were JustFoodForDogs' recipes beneficial for long-term feeding, but they also promoted healthy functioning of the immune system in dogs.

In 2020, it broke ground again when it partnered with the University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences for a study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Animal Science, which found that by feeding your dog fresh whole food–and not highly processed kibble–dogs poop up to 66% less.

A 2022-2023 large-scale study is currently in process.

To celebrate their $5.5m research benchmark, JustFoodForDogs will donate $5 from every order the week of February 12-18 to shelters in Philadelphia and Kansas City, up to $50,000 (and a minimum of $10,000).





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