Pure and Natural Pet celebrates commitment to planet

Pure and Natural Pet achieves tree planting commitment.

Pure and Natural Pet, the eco-friendly pet company achieved planting its 4,058th tree to celebrate Earth Day. Trees have been planted with the U.S. Forest Services National Parks in the USA. Tree planting that supports reforestation efforts have also been made in California, Oregon, Idaho and East Africa.

A portion of the profits from the sale of its Organic Dental Solutions line of canine products aid in planting trees. Pure and Natural Pet employees have also donated their time by attending events for planting trees and conducting reforestation efforts to improve our ecosystems and biodiversity for wildlife.

VP of Sales and Marketing Julie Creed stated, “We were thrilled to achieve our goal of 4,000 trees by Earth Day. Planting trees and reforestation is critical for the health of our planet and provides a long-lasting benefit for future generations. Reforestation allows us to restore forests with the planting of native trees and aid in restoring habitats. It’s a great legacy to leave by improving our planet and it’s exciting to see trees you’ve planted grow and support a healthier environment.” 

Along with its philanthropy, Pure and Natural Pet has also increased its sustainability by changing to more eco-friendly options in products and packaging.

Pure and Natural Pet continues to look for more ways to improve its global footprint. For information on the all-natural and certified organic products at Pure and Natural Pet, visit its websites at PureandNaturalPet.com and ProCoatGrooming.com or call a customer service representative at (844) 698-4367.  



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