Boost Grant Services announces new program

Boost Grant Servies is offering international marketing grant program.

Want to expand your domestic pet product business into international markets? The US government wants to give you money to make that happen and Boost Grant Services is your go to for getting that money.

“I started working in the pet food industry in 1997 as export manager for Nutri-Vet, was awarded my first grant in 1999 and have maintained virtually a 100% fulfillment rate ever since,” said Leigh Laney, CEO of Boost Grant Services. 

Boost Grant Services has extensive knowledge and experience in all facets of international marketing, which gives Boost a strategic advantage in matching companies in the pet industry with available grants.    

“The pet product industry is a vibrant and rapidly growing sector. By offering internationally dedicated grant acquisition and administration services, we can help companies in the pet industry expand their reach and thrive in the global market.”

For more information about how Boost Grant Services can help you grow your business, contact Rhonda Russum at 601-573-0480 / or Leigh Laney at 601-898-7773 /
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