Scout & Zoe’s makes media appearance

Company's mention on Boom America highlights its commitment to innovative products.

Scout & Zoe’s, a renowned pet nutrition company that crafts delicious and nutritious treats, food, and chews like its  Super Fly Black Soldier Fly Jerky, is thrilled to announce its upcoming appearance on the Boom America TV show hosted by the legendary Kevin Harrington. Boom America is a platform that highlights innovative companies and their transformative products. The invitation for Scout & Zoe’s to be part of the show speaks to its commitment to providing only the best for pets worldwide.

Scout & Zoe’s, led by founder and chief dog lover, Cindy Dunston Quirk, is known for its commitment to using human-grade, USA sourced, premium raw ingredients. By crafting its products in small batches, the company ensures each item maintains its nutritional integrity, promising only the best for a variety of pet species. The spotlight during the TV appearance will be on Scout & Zoe’s latest product, Chophouse Ready Raw.

This product is the perfect fusion of nutrition and convenience. A freeze-dried complete and balanced diet for dogs, Ready Raw embodies the benefits of raw feeding without the associated challenges, such as thawing or complex measurements. All it requires is the addition of water or low-sodium broth to rehydrate, resulting in a sumptuous meal for your canine pals. As the company puts it, “All you add is love!”

Speaking about the excitement of appearing on Boom America, Dunston Quirk remarked, “It is awesome to be selected to be one of the companies highlighted on Boom America. I’m eager to watch the A-Team members apply their areas of expertise to Scout & Zoe’s and assist us to experience explosive, continual growth.”

Additionally, Scout & Zoe’s will also be part of a trade mission to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in December 2023. This endeavor aims to secure distribution in the UAE, allowing pets in the region to benefit from Scout & Zoe’s unique, highly nutritious offerings and consequently lead longer, healthier lives. With its steadfast dedication to pet health and wellness, Scout & Zoe’s continues to pioneer advancements in the pet nutrition sector, and its feature on the Boom America TV show will surely propel it further into the limelight. 

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