Corbion introduces sustainable pet nutrition

Product line reduces dependency on marine-based resources.

Corbion, the global market leader in algae-based feed ingredients, announces the launch of its new AlgaPrime DHA P3, a high-performance, omega-3 ingredient enabling pet food manufacturers to enhance the nutritional profile of their products and boost DHA levels reducing dependency on marine-based resources and positively impacting their carbon footprint.

Produced via micro algae precision fermentation, AlgaPrime DHA P3 helps meet increasing consumer demand for more sustainable pet food ingredients, as nearly 70% of pet owners worldwide express concern about nutrition, climate change and a desire to make a positive impact on the environment through their everyday actions.

The ingredient supports manufacturers in their efforts to overcome the most common challenges of omega-3 DHA inclusion, as it provides the highest level of DHA on the market in biomass powder form (35% DHA), enabling flexibility for nutritionists and developers in working with higher DHA inclusions for added nutritional value, while advancing the sustainability of pet diets. In addition, it is stabilized with a natural antioxidant system. AlgaPrime DHA P3 is suitable for dry, wet and injection-mold applications, allowing efficient access to, and use of, long-chain omega-3s.

“The launch of AlgaPrime DHA P3 furthers Corbion’s mission to preserve what matters by offering sustainable ingredients for healthier people, pets, and the planet,” said Tim Rutten, vice president at Corbion Algae Ingredients. “We believe this breakthrough ingredient will play an important role in meeting the growing need for better nutrition and more sustainable solutions, while delivering value across the pet industry.”

AlgaPrime DHA P3 is sustainably produced in closed fermentation tanks where cane sugars are transformed into omega-3-rich algae powered by a renewable energy source. The unique production process and innovation opens new opportunities for DHA health benefits, sustainability and vegan claims while delivering stability and palatability.

For more information about AlgaPrime™ DHA P3 and where to purchase, please contact [email protected]


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