Fromm Family Foods introduces new product line

Dog food marks the brand's entry into the frozen foods category.

Fromm Family Foods introduces Bonnihill Farms, a collection of gently cooked, fresh-frozen dog food recipes, marking the brand's entry into the frozen foods category. Inspired by Fromm's farming heritage, Bonnihill Farms features locally sourced ingredients from the Midwest, emphasizing small-batch production.

This innovative product line reflects Fromm's commitment to variety-driven offerings and excellence in pet food nutrition. Unlike competitors who outsource production, Bonnihill Farms is proudly manufactured in Fromm's family-owned facility in Columbus, Wis., showcasing a dedication to quality and consistency.

Bryan Nieman, brand director for Fromm Family Foods, emphasized the meticulous development of Bonnihill Farms, ensuring in-house research and manufacturing to maintain the brand's high standards. The three savory varieties–CHICKiBOWLS, BEEFiBOWLS and TURKiBOWLS–combine top-quality meats and locally sourced produce, providing complete and balanced nutrition.

Available through select distribution partners in early 2024, Bonnihill Farms offers a variety of options for pet owners. Crafted in Wisconsin using a sous-vide cooking method, these gently cooked entrees maximize nutrient retention and flavor. Frozen for freshness, they can be used as a delicious topper or a complete meal.

Nieman highlighted the brand's deep-rooted farming history and values, with Bonnihill Farms paying homage to Fromm's heritage while embracing innovation, variety and top-tier pet nutrition. The release of Bonnihill Farms adds another dimension to Fromm's product portfolio, complementing its 120 years of business innovation.

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