New EU-funded research initiative announced

FEASTS will involve 36 institutions from 17 countries.

FEASTS, a pioneering EU-funded research initiative, aims to create an impartial knowledge base on cultivated meat and seafood's role in the food system. Emphasizing sustainability and interdisciplinary collaboration, the program involves 36 institutions from 17 countries.

Over three years, it will explore technologies, nutrition, health, regulations, safety, ethics and environmental impacts of cellular agriculture. Marja-Liisa Meurice, drector of EIT Food North and East, highlights the quest for sustainable protein sources and the desire for findings to guide EU policy. The consortium, including universities, startups and stakeholders, fosters open dialogue on cellular agriculture's role. FEASTS also addresses farmers' involvement, consumer preferences and aims to establish a stewardship model for a competitive and sustainable European cultivated meat and seafood sector. Prof. Frederico Ferreira, the project coordinator, emphasizes responsible innovation and open science principles for a resilient EU food system.

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