Symrise gets recognized

The company achieves high sustainability ratings.

Symrise, a global leader, has achieved outstanding ratings from the non-profit organization CDP in its 2023 sustainability assessment. Out of 21,000 companies reviewed worldwide, Symrise stands out with "A" ratings for climate, water and forest protection, with an additional "A minus" at the leadership level. This places Symrise among the select few globally recognized for such exemplary performance.

CDP commends Symrise for environmental transparency, recognizing the company's commitment to climate, water and forest conservation. With a history of meeting stringent requirements, Symrise continues its sustainable journey, building on previous CDP accolades. The assessment, covering a record-breaking 21,000 companies, signifies a 24 percent increase from the previous year.

Bernhard Kott, chief sustainability officer at Symrise, emphasizes the company's dedication to sustainability, with climate and natural resource protection integral to its corporate strategy. Symrise aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2030, showcasing its proactive approach to addressing environmental challenges.

The CDP rating, focused on transparency and sustainability measurability, acknowledges Symrise's efforts in addressing climate change, water protection and forest conservation. Financial institutions globally rely on CDP ratings to support investments in a sustainable economy.

Symrise, sourcing nearly 80 percent of its raw materials from nature, is committed to finding innovative sustainable technologies for a green product life cycle. The company sets ambitious goals beyond legal requirements, emphasizing its responsible use of water and forest resources.

Bernhard Kott highlights Symrise's commitment to ambitious targets, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions in production and sustainable water and forest resource management. The company's dedication to water conservation is evident in its recovery process, particularly in countries like Egypt, Spain and Mexico.

Helmut Frieden, VP corporate sustainability, emphasizes Symrise's use of cutting-edge technologies to align production with ambitious sustainability goals. The company's commitment to water and forest conservation, alongside climate protection, is recognized by CDP's rigorous review process.

Symrise's sustainability achievements, as recognized by CDP, reflect its unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and transparent, measurable actions across its value chain. 

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