FreezeM secures funding

Agreement will help breeding hubs network growth and support the adoption of the PauseM product.

FreezeM, a leading agri-tech biotechnology firm specializing in Breeding-as-a-Service (BaaS) for Black Soldier Fly (BSF) protein factories, has successfully closed a $14.2 million Series A funding round. The investment, led by industrial investors and the European Innovation Council Fund (EIC Fund), will propel FreezeM's breeding hubs network growth and support the widespread adoption of its revolutionary PauseM product. Designed to simplify BSF reproduction, PauseM addresses critical challenges in insect protein production, unlocking a market projected to reach $3.96 billion by 2033.

PauseM overcomes industry challenges

FreezeM's PauseM product facilitates BSF protein production by supplying 'paused' BSF neonates with an extended 14-day shelf-life and impressive survival rates exceeding 90%. This ready-to-use solution eliminates breeding hurdles, enabling insect protein producers to enhance efficiency, reduce operational costs and seamlessly scale their production. The technology introduces a groundbreaking decoupled production model, separating the breeding phase from rearing and processing, a first in the insect farming industry.

Dr. Yuval Gilad, co-founder and CEO of FreezeM, commented, "This funding round positions FreezeM to globally embed our technology, accelerate breeding hub growth, and drive successful commercial expansion. Our innovative approach propels the insect protein market towards its true potential by revolutionizing production efficiency."

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