Interzoo 2024 sold out

The event has surpassed the 2,000 exhibitor mark.

Interzoo 2024, the premier event for the global pet supplies industry scheduled for May 7-10, is officially sold out, surpassing the 2,000 exhibitor mark. Despite expanding with two additional halls compared to Interzoo 2022, the event remains the largest trade fair in the history of the pet industry. It serves as a vital platform for industry trends, showcasing products in segments like dog, cat, aquaristics, terraristics, birds and pet food technology.

Exhibitors from over 70 countries, with an overseas contingent of approximately 86%, contribute to a comprehensive global market overview. The event features 15 national pavilions, highlighting significant growth from countries like Italy, Poland, Turkey, the USA, India and South Korea. Notably, China exhibits a fifteen-fold increase in display area.

With a focus on dogs and cats, comprising 81.2% of exhibits, Interzoo 2024 continues to offer diverse products, including small animals, rodents, aquariums, terrariums, ornamental birds and pet food technology. Anticipating a substantial international audience, the event promises a week of activities mapping the entire supply chain, featuring market insights, innovative shows and discussions on sustainability.

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