PFI endorses PURR Act

The law seeks to remove barriers hindering nutritional science and product innovation in the pet food industry.

In alignment with President John F. Kennedy's belief that "change is the law of life," the Pet Food Institute endorses H.R. 7380, the Pet Food Uniform Regulatory Reform Act of 2024 (PURR Act). This legislation aims to modernize the regulatory framework for dog and cat food, adapting to the evolving dynamics of the pet food industry.

With over two-thirds of U.S. households owning pets and pet food sales reaching $60 billion in 2023, the industry is expanding significantly. Pet food manufacturers contribute nearly $7 billion to the agricultural sector and utilize over 8 million tons of ingredients. However, the current regulatory system, established over a century ago, does not align with the contemporary market landscape where pets are considered integral family members.

To address these challenges and foster a 21st-century regulatory environment, the Pet Food Institute advocates for two key objectives:

  1. Eliminate the state-level pet food label review process, favoring federal regulation to ensure consistency and efficiency, similar to human food standards.
  2. Codify AAFCO pet food ingredient definitions and marketing claims, aiming to eradicate state-level discrepancies that impede innovation, cause delays, and lead to legal disputes.

The PURR Act seeks to remove barriers hindering nutritional science and product innovation in the pet food industry, promoting advancements in nutrition and new product development. By centralizing regulations at the federal level, it aims to provide uniformity, transparency and confidence for both pet food makers and the 87 million pet-owning households in the U.S.

The Pet Food Institute emphasizes the urgency to modernize the current system, citing inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and barriers to innovation. A recent survey reveals that pet owners overwhelmingly prefer pet food regulation comparable to human food standards. The PURR Act aligns with the Institute's dedication to delivering the safest and highest quality nutrition for dogs and cats, supporting their mission to enhance the well-being of pets. Learn more at

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