Nestle Purina Pet Care marked 2023 by giving back

Invested over $30 million in various programs.

NestlĂ© Purina PetCare marked a significant commitment in 2023, investing over $30 million in various programs. Aimed at fostering the human-animal bond, these initiatives supported youth mental health and community well-being.

Key Highlights:

  1. Community Engagement:

    • Purina's 10,000 associates volunteered nearly 5,000 hours, actively participating in community support
    • Charitable giving focused on connecting pets with youth for mental health and aiding people and pets during crises
  2. Pet Adoption and Welfare:

    • Petfinder powered by Purina facilitated the adoption of approximately 1.5 million pets in 2023
    • Over $10 million in pet food and cat litter donations supported shelters and rescues nationwide
  3. Youth Mental Health Support:

    • Purina addressed the mental health challenges faced by U.S. teens, matching therapy dogs with youth to alleviate stress and anxiety
    • A new 16-week pet therapy certification course, developed with Duo Dogs, graduated 30 associates who conducted over 10,000 therapy sessions
  4. Domestic Violence and Pet-Friendly Shelters:

    • The Purple Leash Project invested over $2 million to make domestic violence shelters pet-friendly
    • The goal is to have 25% of domestic violence shelters pet-friendly by 2025
  5. Veterans and Service Dogs:

    • Purina invested over $1 million in the Dog Chow Service Dog Salute program, supporting the care and training of service dogs for veterans with PTSD
  6. Disaster Relief:

    • After the Hawaii wildfires, Purina collaborated with Greater Good Charities to provide grants and pet food donations for immediate and long-term recovery efforts
  7. Community and Environmental Initiatives:

    • Purina's commitment extended to community improvement through Purina Cares Day and environmental stewardship, supporting regenerative agriculture and renewable energy
  8. Corporate Responsibility:

    • Purina, as part of NestlĂ©, maintains a commitment to responsible pet care, contributing over $150 million in the past five years to organizations supporting people, pets, communities and the environment.

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