Nulo Pet Foods introduces new pet food pouches

The line features six flavors and no need for refrigeration.

Nulo Pet Foods has recently announced the launch of its new line of shelf-stable pouch meals, named Gently-Cooked Homestyle Meals, aiming to provide pet parents with convenient, minimally processed, and high-quality meal solutions for their furry companions. The line features six flavors, each comprising human-grade ingredients and designed to be stored in the pantry without the need for refrigeration.

Michael Landa, the founder and CEO of Nulo Pet Foods, highlighted the growing demand among consumers for fresh food nutrition for pets without the drawbacks of shorter shelf life and refrigeration requirements. The Gently-Cooked meals aim to address these concerns, while offering the benefits of fresh pet nutrition without the hassle of subscription programs or messy clean-up.

Each 9-ounce meal in the Gently-Cooked line is nutritionally balanced and made with premium shredded meat, diced fruits and vegetables, and wholesome ancient grains. Dr. Greg Aldrich, Nulo's chief operating officer and innovation team lead, emphasized the importance of providing no-compromise nutrition with low carbohydrate and high meat inclusion, along with functional ingredients supporting enhanced wellness. The meals are prepared using low cooking temperature techniques to maintain nutritional integrity and density while ensuring shelf stability.

The Gently-Cooked Homestyle Meals flavor lineup includes:

  1. Beef and Sweet Potato
  2. Turkey and Green Bean
  3. Salmon and Brown Rice
  4. Duck and Quinoa
  5. Pork and Apple
  6. Chicken and Quinoa

Nulo's new meal portfolio aligns with the increasing consumer demand for less processed, higher quality and premium ingredient pet foods. With availability in over 6,500 pet specialty retailers nationwide, Nulo aims to provide a relevant and affordable solution for retailers looking to meet the needs of health-conscious pet parents.

For those interested in learning more about Nulo's Gently-Cooked line, they can visit booth 3036 at the Global Pet Expo for additional details on availability.

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