Bühler's Grain Innovation Center nearing completion

The facility is scheduled to open in October.

Bühler's Grain Innovation Center (GIC) in Uzwil is nearing completion, representing a significant advancement in grain processing innovation. Set to succeed Bühler's longstanding Grain Technology Center, operational since 1951, the GIC addresses evolving market dynamics in grain processing and fosters the development of future foods.

The multipurpose center will enable customers from the food and animal feed sectors to conduct trials on new products, explore innovative processes and access Bühler's comprehensive ecosystem of Application & Training Centers, covering the entire protein value chain. Scheduled to open on October 28, 2024, the GIC promises to facilitate creativity, flexibility and adaptation to meet market demands.

Spanning 2,000 square meters, the GIC boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment from Bühler and its partners. Construction commenced in August 2022, involving the removal of existing equipment, demolition and construction of a new foundation. The five-story GIC was erected within 12 months, with equipment installation underway as of March 2024.

Remanufactured machines from the previous center were integrated, aligning with Bühler's commitment to resource efficiency and environmental sustainability. Additionally, the project includes a new facility housing Bühler's Milling Academy and the Swiss Institute of Feed Technology (SFT), strategically positioned adjacent to the GIC to enhance synergies.

Covering 1,600 square meters, the training facility will feature classrooms, laboratories, meeting rooms and workshops, fostering skill development to meet the demands of an evolving industry. In 2023, over 800 customers and 150 internal employees benefited from more than 120 training courses. The new facility is slated for operation by January 2025.

For further details, visit www.buhlergroup.com.

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