Vital Essentials showcasing new products at Global Pet Expo

A new protein patty and quail snack will be introduced.

Vital Essentials, a leading brand under the Carnivore Meat Company, is set to showcase its latest innovations at Global Pet Expo 2024 in Orlando, Florida, from March 20-22, stationed at booth #454. This year, the raw pet food pioneer is introducing two groundbreaking products: Frozen Bulk Dog Patties and Whole Freeze-Dried Quail Snacks.

The Frozen Bulk Dog Patties are a response to the growing demand for larger packaging options in frozen dog food. Available in the top three selling proteins, these bulk packs offer both quality and convenience to retailers and consumers alike. Additionally, Vital Essentials is launching Freeze-Dried Raw Bar Quail Snacks, providing dogs with a nutritious treat rich in protein, B vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Nick Ebert, chief commercial officer at Vital Essentials, emphasizes the brand's commitment to quality protein sourcing: "Whether freeze-dried or frozen, a raw diet is only as good as the quality of the protein you feed your pet. That’s why you won’t find any grains or fillers in Vital Essentials. Just whole animal protein for the essential nutrients and enzymes pets need to live vital lives."

Excitingly, Vital Essentials is announcing a strategic partnership with KONG, blending premium freeze-dried pet foods with KONG’s durable toys. This collaboration offers pet owners an unparalleled combination of nutrition and playtime, available exclusively at independent pet retail partners nationwide starting this spring.

Attendees at Global Pet Expo will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of Vital Essentials' frozen dog food patties, showcasing the freshness and quality that sets the brand apart. These demonstrations highlight the rigorous standards in sourcing and production that define Vital Essentials' Butcher Cut Protein.

Visit booth #454 at Global Pet Expo to experience the difference in butcher cut protein firsthand and learn more about Vital Essentials' offerings. For additional information, visit

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