NaturPak Pet partnering with IPM Foods

NaturPak will now have a new website and brand identity.

NaturPak, the leading North American provider of Tetra Recart packaging, proudly announces the consolidation of its divisions, uniting NaturPak Pet with IPM Foods to form a unified entity within the industry.

"Strength in unity," declares NaturPak CEO Aaron Jackson, "enabling us to offer our partner brands and retailers an even better suite of services for human and pet nutrition, maintaining the exceptional value they have come to rely on from both divisions."

The merger under the NaturPak brand brings forth a refreshed website and brand identity, while maintaining the exceptional support and focus on co-manufacturing, co-packing, research and development, and Tetra Recart technologies. Clients, past and future, will continue to benefit from robust avenues for product improvement, sourcing, formulation and fulfillment.

"We aspire to be recognized as a service-driven business, seamlessly integrating with our partners' teams to not only create but enhance their products, ensuring an exceptional consumer experience," remarks Jackson. "NaturPak stands ready to assist at every turn."

With both divisions aligned under a common vision, NaturPak is poised to advance with singular purpose: delivering delicious, high-quality food in sustainable packaging to every client. This strategic move further solidifies its commitment to excellence, innovation and customer service.

The rebranding effort has facilitated reinvestment in the business, including the acquisition of additional equipment to expand capacity and research and development capabilities.

"We are the embodiment of nature's packaging," asserts Jackson. "As Tetra Recart flourishes, so does environmental sustainability and food quality. We are now better equipped than ever to lead our clients towards a flavorful future that exceeds consumer expectations with each recipe and every carton."

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