CULT Food Science Noochies! brand reshaping animal health and pet nutrition market

Brand offers freeze-dried, high-protein and nutrient-rich pet treats made without factory farming.

CULT Food Science, a pioneer in the investment, development and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, is making significant strides in reshaping the animal health and pet nutrition market with its innovative Noochies! brand.

Last fall, the company introduced Noochies! Freeze Dried Cat Snacks, the first-of-its-kind cat snack, in North America. Recent developments include:

  1. Strategic advancements: With the recent strategic financing, CULT Food Science is now well-positioned to accelerate sales growth, enhance brand recognition and implement IP licensing strategies for Noochies! This brand offers freeze-dried, high-protein, and nutrient-rich pet treats made without factory farming.
  2. Integration of cultivated meat: By leveraging the scientific capabilities of its portfolio companies, CULT aims to integrate cultivated meat with the Noochies! product line. This initiative reflects the company's commitment to innovation and its vision to redefine industry standards through advanced biotechnology.
  3. Market expansion: Noochies! plans to extend its reach through various channels, including direct-to-consumer platforms, new retail partnerships and influencer campaigns. The company also aims to pursue private label opportunities and expand into international markets.
  4. Proprietary ingredients: Noochies! boasts three proprietary ingredients, Bmunne, Bflora and Bmeaty, derived using cellular agriculture technologies. These ingredients offer enhanced nutritional profiles compared to traditional pet food ingredients and address ethical concerns related to factory farming.
  5. Consumer demand: Noochies! products cater to growing consumer demand for sustainability and ethical production in pet nutrition. The company's expansion strategy focuses on targeting new stores, enhancing direct-to-consumer platforms and advancing joint venture relationships.

Mitchell Scott, CEO of CULT, said the company is committed t to transforming the pet nutrition landscape with sustainable and innovative solutions.

Overall, CULT and its Noochies! brand are poised to make a significant impact on the pet food industry, offering products that prioritize animal health, sustainability and ethical sourcing, said Scott.

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