Canadian pet foods on shelves in Luxembourg and Germany

Bosch Tiernahrung expects to commence distribution in Germany with around 100 specialty retail partners. It aims to distribute the Harrison products, including the Genesis and Chicopee ranges, which are most well known in Europe, in other countries via general distributors.

(Andrea Gantz)
(Andrea Gantz)

German pet food producer Bosch Tiernahrung intends to sell recently acquired Canadian manufacturer Harrison Pet Products’ items in Germany and Luxembourg, reported PETworldwide. A draft contract from Bosch sets out advisory and competence criteria that a retailer must fulfill. Bosch Tiernahrung expects to begin delivery in Germany to approximately 100 specialty retailers. The Harrison products, such as the Genesis and Chicopee lines, into other nations via distributors.

The German pet food industry has grown recently. Germany saw a 2.9% rise in pet food sales in 2015, to 3.1 billion Euros (US$3.46 billion), according to Industrieverband Heimteirbedarf (IVH, the German Industrial Association of Pet Care Producers) and ZZF, organizers of Interzoo. The 34th edition of the world’s largest pet trade show took place May 26-29 in Nuremberg.

Pet food accounts for 69% of Germany’s total pet care market, which ranks second in Europe (behind the UK) with 4.56 billion Euros (US$5.1 billion) in sales. That figure represented 2.2% growth over 2014. Contrary to the global market, cat food sales are higher than dog food in Germany, 1.6 billion Euros (US$1.8 billion) to 1.3 billion Euros (US$1.45 billion). However, dog food sales are growing faster, at 4.6% versus 2.6% for cat food.

Germany is also second in Europe in terms of number of pets owned, at 30 million to Russia’s 47 million, which ranks number 1. IVH and ZZF data show that 43% of German households own at least one pet, and 58% of families with children own a pet. Unlike the rest of the world, where dogs are most popular, cats rank number one in Germany, with 12.9 million (22% of all households) to 7.9 million dogs (16% of households).

Bosch Tiernahrung reorganises distribution of Harrison Pet Products

Having acquired Canadian manufacturer Harrison Pet Products, the pet food producer Bosch Tiernahrung intends to sell the company's products in Germany and Luxembourg through a selective distribution system. To this end Bosch has drawn up a draft cont


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