Pets Choice acquires UK pet food maker Rufus Foods

Pets Choice management stated that they intend to build out Rufus’ customer base.

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Pets Choice, a pet food and treat company based in Blackburn, England, acquired Rufus Foods, reported Lancashire Business News. Rufus Foods is a thirty-year-old company and is now the tenth in Pets Choice’s portfolio. Pets Choice management stated that they intend to build out Rufus’ customer base.

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About Pets Choice dog, cat and other pet food company

Pets Choice is a UK-based pet food manufacturer with operations throughout Europe, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data. The company produces private-label food and treat products for dogs, cats, ornamental fish and small animals through an accredited ISO 9001 manufacturing and distribution network.

Pets Choice operates two manufacturing sites and a 140,000 square-foot warehousing facility. It owns the brands Webbox, Goodwyn’s Natural Goodness, Davies and Oceanic. Pets Choice also distributes the brand Vitakraft, a fellow subsidiary of parent company Deuerer.

Pets Choice annual revenue in 2017 came to US$46,545,000.

  • Production Plants 2017 - 2
  • Total Facilities 2017 - 3

Top 10 pet food company revenues in Europe 2017

Ten European pet food companies achieved annual revenues greater than US$200 million in 2017, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Company’s Database. In 2017, the European Pet Food Federation estimated that annual sales of pet food in Europe reached a turnover of EUR20.5 billion (US$24.11 billion) and a volume of 8.5 million tons. The pet food industry grew two percent per year over the past three years.

10. Monge & C. - Italy

Monge & C. is a major force in the Italian pet food market, having posted a 441 percent increase in turnover in the past decade. The company has a 46,000-square-foot production and logistics complex with a fleet of 30 vehicles to deliver product all over Italy.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$226,000,000

9. Versele-Laga NV - Belgium

Versele-Laga is an international producer of a large range of nutrition-based branded pet food and pet care products. It is part of a huge feed company with more than 900 employees and EUR430 million (US$577 million) in annual sales, split into two divisions: one that serves farm and production animals and one that focuses on domestic and hobby animals.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$228,061,000

8. Vitakraft Pet Care GmbH & Co. - Germany

Vitakraft Pet Care develops and produces more than 2,500 branded food snacks and other pet care products for dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish, reptiles, hedgehogs and ferrets. Acquired by Deuerer in 2013, Vitakraft works with local sales companies in 19 countries around the world to stock more than 50,000 retail locations.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$275,000,000

7. Affinity Petcare SA - Spain

In addition to its Barcelona headquarters, Affinity has offices in Paris, Milan and Sao Paulo. The company supplies product to more than 20 countries. Affinity’s parent company, Barcelona-based Agrolimen SA, also operates joint ventures with British-based raw food manufacturer Natures Menu and US-based raw food producer Nature's Variety, and holds a 50 percent stake in Brazil's Mogiana.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$305,271,000

6. Neovia - France

Neovia (formerly InVivo NSA) holds strong positions in Brazil and Mexico through its subsidiaries Total Alimentos and Malta Texo de Mexico (maltaCleyton), respectively. The company is also present in France, on the export market (in more than 50 countries) and in Asia — particularly Vietnam and the Philippines. In 2017, Neovia acquired a majority share in Sanpo, the fifth largest player in the Chinese pet food market.

Annual Revenue 2017     US$313,650,000

5. Partner in Pet Food - Hungary

From its base in Hungary, Partner in Pet Food has grown to a major European private-label pet food producer, supplying international and local retailers in 32 countries. The company makes a full value range of dry, wet and semi-moist cat and dog food, alucups, pouches and snacks.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$326,299,800

4. C & D Foods - Ireland

C & D Foods manufactures private label pet food, producing upwards of 675,000 tons per year in a range of formats: pouch, alutray, canned and dry. The company is the pet food division of the Ireland-based ABP Food Group. In 2016, C & D purchased French pet food manufacturer Continentale Nutrition for an undisclosed sum after years of financial turmoil and ultimately bankruptcy at Continentale.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$455,000,000

3. Agrolimen SA - Spain

Agrolimen SA is a Barcelona-based firm whose subsidiary Affinity Petcare is a leading European supplier of foods for dogs and cats. Agrolimen SA also operates joint ventures with British-based raw food manufacturer Natures Menu and US-based raw food producer Nature's Variety, and holds a 50 percent stake in Brazil's Mogiana.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$532,660,815

2. Heristo AG - Germany

Heristo AG owns the Saturn Petcare Group, which includes private-label giant Saturn Petcare and Animonda Petfood. With manufacturing plants in Bremen and Blaufelden, Germany, and Hattern, Netherlands, and more than 1,000 product offerings, the group is the top performer of the holding company.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$700,000,000

1. Deuerer - Germany

Deuerer is a private-label manufacturer in Germany that also owns several major European pet food manufacturers, including Vitakraft, Pets Choice and Villeneuve Pet Food. The company has sales extending to Asia and North America.

  • Annual Revenue 2017 - US$721,100,000
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