Video: How pet food brands can connect with consumers now

CPG marketing expert Bonin Bough, keynote speaker for Petfood Forum 2020, provides tips for pet food brands to stay front of mind with their customers.

Courtesy of Bonin Bough
Courtesy of Bonin Bough

As many consumers remain hunkered down at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, pet food brands can keep their messages and products front of mind by using digital channels that are reaching their customers today – especially mobile – and providing content that addresses the pet owners’ current challenges. These were some of the insights provided by Bonin Bough, investor, author and marketing expert on consumer product goods (CPG), during a video interview.

Bough stressed the importance of using mobile to reach consumers now, including via text. “It’s a huge opportunity,” he said. He also discussed how pet food brands need to become savvy at using digital channels, in addition to e-commerce. “I’m not just talking about selling your product on Amazon,” he added; rather, it means having a true online relationship with your customers to understand where they are in the “purchase funnel” and to drive purchases, even if you don’t sell directly to them.

How to hack your pet food brand

Bough will be the keynote speaker for Petfood Forum CONNECT 2020, when he will present his concept of “hackonomy,” or how to create greater value for your business by breaking things. “Most think that the word ‘hacker’ sounds negative, but not all hackers are bad,” he said. “Hackers and hack-thinking are the source of a monumental, positive shift in business, technology, startups and culture all over the world. Hackers can create immense value by breaking things, whether it’s breaking from tradition, process or simply ‘the way we’ve always done things.’”

Petfood Forum CONNECT 2020 will take place September 9-10 and 15-17, with Bough’s keynote on September 9. 


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