5 top pet food companies based in Asia-Pacific 2019

These five companies from the Asia-Pacific region have profiles in Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data.

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These five companies from the Asia-Pacific region have profiles in Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data. These companies’ annual revenues in 2019 surpassed those of others in the region. Learn more about top dog, cat and other pet food and treat companies worldwide, along with trends in annual revenues and other information, in Petfood Industry Top Companies Historical Data.

  1. Unicharm Corp.

Unicharm's pet care subsidiary has long dominated the Japanese market. Now the global firm continues to extend its reach in Asia, the US and some emerging markets, since taking majority stake in Hartz in 2011. Unicharm's pet care line specializes in products such as pet foods, excrement cleanup sheets, system toilets and disposable diapers. Domestically, Unicharm has developed new food recipes and products targeted toward aging pets. In the North American market, the company is preparing to deploy new cat litter and dog snack products. Online sales also have grown significantly in recent years, as have sales to pet specialty stores.

Brands: Aiken Genki, Neko Genki, Gaines, Gin no Spoon, Gin no Sara, Hartz

2019 revenue: US$748,590,000

  1. Thai Union Group

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited is a global seafood producer, with additional operations in pet food. Subsidiary Thai Union Manufacturing Co. manufactures and exports canned tuna and pet food, and subsidiary U.S. Pet Nutrition LLC manufactures and distributes premium pet food.

Brands: Bellotta, Marvo, Calico Bay, Paramount

2019 Revenue: US$575,390,000

  1. Jeil Feed

Jeil Feed produces 1.4 million tons of animal feed per year, including a focus in the pet food market on dog food. The company, which invested in a pet food plant in Korea, belongs to the Harim Group, the South Korean leading industrial player operating in poultry production.

Brands: Ideal Recipe, NutriWell, Chouchou, Full of Nature, Dogamania Wonder

2019 Revenue: $534,720,000

  1. Real Pet Food Company

Formerly known as V.I.P Petfoods, Real Pet Food Company is a producer of chilled and fresh pet foods. Brands include Nature’s Gift, Nature’s Goodness, Tucker Time, Dr B’s BARF, Billy + Margot, Ivory Coat, Fussy Cat, V.I.P. Petfoods and Farmers Market. The company also owns Consolidated Manufacturing Enterprises Pty Ltd. (CME) Factory at Inverell, Australia, and the Jimbo’s business in New Zealand. The company operates nine manufacturing facilities around the world. Products are sold in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. The company aims to be among the top five pet food businesses by 2022.

Brands: Nature’s Gift, Nature’s Goodness, Tucker Time, Dr B’s BARF, Billy + Margot, Ivory Coat, Fussy Cat, V.I.P. Petfoods and Farmers Market

 2019 Revenue: US$500,000,000

  1. Perfect Companion

Perfect Companion is the sole pet food company owned by Thailand's massive C.P. Group. It was the first pet food manufacturer in Thailand to earn ISO 9002 certification, the company says. Perfect Companion’s factory in Zhejiang province, China produces an annual output of 120,000 tons per year.

Brands: SmartHeart, Me-O, Classic Pets, LuvCare, A Pro, MaxWin, Optimum, Rabbit Diet, Briter Bunny

2019 Revenue: US$375,000,000

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