Petcurean brand refresh highlights company evolution

Learn about Petcurean’s current place in the pet food industry, as well as the company’s recent refresh of its “Now Fresh” brand.

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Petcurean prides itself on taking care of pets’ nutritional needs at every life stage. | Photo by Petcurean
Petcurean prides itself on taking care of pets’ nutritional needs at every life stage. | Photo by Petcurean

In April 2021, British Columbia, Canada-based premium pet food manufacturer Petcurean launched a global refresh of its Now Fresh line. The brand’s new tagline, “Fresh. Simple. Whole. For every size and stage of life.” is well in step with the company’s overall pet food goal, which is to provide top-of-the-line nutrition to dogs and cats no matter their age or health condition. 

“We recognize that every pet is unique and there is no single way to feed our furry friends,” says Kambria Newton, trade marketing & communications manager for Petcurean. “That’s why Petcurean offers a diverse range of recipes to provide options for any size, breed or stage of life — whether that’s a diet based on high animal protein, moderate protein, plant-based protein, or a diet that is grain-free, grain-friendly or contains limited ingredients to address food sensitivities and adverse reactions.”

Communicating with customers, retailers key to Petcurean success

A big part of the brand refresh focuses on communication: not just of Now Fresh’s products, but of what makes the brand itself different from its competitors. In a saturated premium pet food market, succeeding at this task is no easy feat.

“Our main priority is to help pet parents understand what makes Now Fresh unique in the marketplace, and how the recipes are formulated with functional ingredients — including more than 20 nutrient-rich superfoods — to provide tailored nutrition to support the health of dogs and cats, no matter what their breed, size or age,” says Newton. “We recognize that it’s our responsibility to provide as much information as possible to pet parents, so they can make informed decisions about what is best for their cherished animal companions.”

One of the most direct ways of communication is on the shelf, which is why the Now Fresh refresh included new packaging highlighting the benefits of each recipe on the bag. Additionally, Petcurean launched a customized website and social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) for the brand to expand accessibility for both pet parents and retailers.

Petcurean Now Fresh Cat

Petcurean’s Now Fresh line has been refreshed with new packaging that highlights the benefits of each formula. | Photo by Petcurean


“One of our biggest differentiators is our incredible sales team and, by extension, our dedication to superior customer service,” says Newton. “Our sales team members are located across North America and offer a personalized approach to customer service. Typically, our partners can expect face-to-face interactions (virtual during the COVID-19 pandemic) every four to six weeks to touch base on selling strategies, along with customized marketing solutions. We truly view our retailers as partners — not just customers — and our best-in-class customer care team are always available to them for everything from technical support to pet nutrition advice by phone, email or social media.

“As a pet food maker, it is one of our top priorities to work closely with our partners to provide the educational resources they need to stock our products with confidence and to share them with their valued customers,” says Newton. “The more we can do to make ourselves accessible to retail partners, the better we can provide support for their businesses. In turn, this partnership enables all of us to serve the needs of pet parents who are counting on us to provide the very best options to keep their pets happy and healthy.”

Omnichannel: an opportunity and a challenge

Omnichannel shopping, a growing trend made even more prominent by the pandemic, is both a great opportunity and a great challenge, according to Newton.

“As we move into a post-COVID world, omnichannel retailers will become one of our biggest opportunities,” says Newton. “This new retail environment of putting customers at the forefront and providing a seamless experience for them will be one of the key drivers of our ongoing growth. As we look to adapt to the new omnichannel retail landscape, we will also be tasked with keeping up with our own growth. The pet food market is incredibly saturated with other impressive products, and finding new ways to differentiate ourselves in an already-competitive pet food market is a challenge we look forward to.”

Of course, no discussion about omnichannel shopping is complete without bringing up the significant growth of e-commerce in the last couple of years.

“E-commerce presents an opportunity for Petcurean, and others in the pet food industry, to gain new consumers and this is why brand recognition has become more important than ever before,” says Newton. “As part of our growth strategy in the U.S., we’ll be looking to increase our brand awareness and product placements in brick and mortar stores in addition to e-commerce channels so consumers can find our products.”

A tangential topic to the omnichannel landscape is consumer confusion in the face of so much choice. Petcurean’s goal is to cut through the noise.

“With an overwhelming number of choices available to pet parents, it’s no surprise that many consumers experience confusion and difficulty navigating the best pet food product for their four-legged family members,” says Newton. “At Petcurean, we see it as part of our job to make this selection easier for them by focusing on consumer education both online and in-store, and always being transparent about our ingredients and sourcing.” Since Petcurean products are found in over 25 countries around the world, the company’s self-appointed responsibility is significant.

Petcurean Dog Cat Carnivore

The company’s Go! Solutions line has recently been revamped to focus more on the solutions-providing nature of the brand, making it easier for customers to match formulas to their pets’ needs. | Photo by Petcurean

Pet food industry growth and the future of Petcurean

According to Newton, the ever-increasing number of households welcoming pets means that pet food continues to be an important and growing part of the broader global consumer products industry — in particular, the premium segment is getting a boost from new customers.

“The growth in this market segment is attributed to more households prioritizing the importance of selecting recipes made with the same love, care and consideration that goes into meals eaten by the rest of their families,” says Newton. “Pet parents in this category are highly educated consumers who do their research and understand the importance of investing in science-proven, premium-quality recipes — particularly those with functional ingredients to support diverse pet needs like picky eating, itchy skin or dull coat, and food sensitivities. They also have carefully informed knowledge about which ingredients they do not want to see in pet food, such as artificial or chemical preservatives, wheat gluten or rice protein.”

What does this segment growth mean for Petcurean?

“Petcurean has been in the premium pet food business for more than 20+ years and we are thrilled that every year more pet parents around the world are seeking premium quality ingredients and premium quality nutrition [for their pets],” says Newton. “They see the value and difference that their pet food choices can have on the lives of their four-legged family members. There has never been a more exciting time to be in this business and our overall outlook for the future of our company is extremely positive as we continue to grow in North America and internationally.”

Fast Facts

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Headquarters: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Brands: Now Fresh, Go! Solutions, Gather

Website/Social Media:,,

Notable: Petcurean was founded in 1999 by two friends who thought their pets deserved more when it came to their food. Today, the company sells in over 25 countries across the globe and employs 110 people.

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