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Cat cruelty causing outcry in China

About 40 cat lovers protested the offering of felines on restaurant menus outside the Guangdong government office in Beijing, according to an AP story by William Foreman.

"We must make them correct this uncivilized behavior," said Wang Hongyao, who participated in the protest and submitted a letter asking the government to stop traders and restaurants.

According to the story, serving cat meat is not against any laws in the Guangdong area of China.

A recent report in the Southern Metropolis Daily claims approximately 1,000 cats are transported by train from Nanjing to Guangdong daily.
PETA  issued a statement against the treatment.

"China has no animal protection laws, and throughout the country scores of cats and dogs are bred or rounded up, crammed onto trucks and driven for days under hellish conditions to animal markets, where they are beaten to death, strangled or boiled alive," said a spokesman for the group, Michael McGraw.

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