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The Honest Kitchen releases free educational booklet for pet parents

The Honest Kitchen released a free educational booklet for pet owners, entitled “Feed your Way to a Healthy Pet.”

This eighteen-page booklet contains information on petfood and nutrition, pet obesity, pet dental health, petfood allergies and homemade petfood. Its emphasis is on the link between pet health and food quality, focusing on how common health concerns that pets visit the vet about are related to diet.

“Many commercial pet foods are produced under extreme heat and pressure, contain artificial chemical preservatives and hard-to-digest by-products, which can gradually deplete an animal’s immune system over time,” said Lucy Postins, author of the booklet, and founder and president of The Honest Kitchen. “With ailments like pet obesity and pet diabetes on the rise, our goal is to give pet owners the tools to evaluate their pets’ current diet, an understanding of the direct links between diet and health, and the confidence to add real, species-appropriate whole foods to their pets’ meals.”

The copyrighted content was provided in volume to authorized Honest Kitchen retailers so these stores can pass the booklet out to consumers and utilize it as a petfood training manual for employees. An e-book version of "Feed your Way to a Healthy Pet" is also available for download.

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