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Lawsuit against American Pet Food Manufacturing Company claims supplier money owed

Georgia-based food supply company Foodpros Marketing Inc. has filed a lawsuit against pet treat manufacturer American Pet Food Manufacturing Company (APFM) for allegedly failing to pay for US$155,000 worth of chicken breasts and other items it had ordered.

Foodpros filed the complaint on May 1, 2014, in US District Court in London. APFM's founder, Kimberly Monday, is also named in the suit. According to the court filings, APFM received orders of tens of thousands of chicken breasts starting in August 2013 into September 2013. Foodpros claims the amount billed via invoices to APFM was due within 14 days of the goods being delivered and accepted. APFM and Monday paid a total of US$21,800, the lawsuit claims, in increments ranging from as little as US$500 to as much as US$5,000 between October 2013 and March 2014.

“The Defendant has become delinquent on its account and has failed to become current on its account payments despite several demands for it to do so,” the lawsuit claims. As of April 28, Foodpros claims APFM owes it US$155,000 and that “at the time the Defendant took possession of the goods, Defendant had no intention of paying FoodPros for the goods …”

APFM has been involved in multiple instances of litigation recently. In January 2014, APFM was ordered to pay roughly US$82,000 to settle a lawsuit brought against it by a local staffing service, The Job Shop, as part of a partial summary judgment. Nesco Resource, another staffing service, filed its own lawsuit against APFM in February, claiming the APFM owes it US$146,016.65 for temporary employment services it provided.

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