A strong belief persists in the pet food industry that dry pet foods with high meat inclusion cannot be extruded on a single screw extruder, according to Will Henry, director of R&D and technology for Extru-Tech Inc.

Such doubts about using a single screw extruder amount to no more than myths, he added, as he proceeded to dispel those myths during a session at Petfood Forum China 2016.

High meat extrusion myths

Common myths about using a single screw extruder for high-meat pet foods include:

  • that fresh meat inclusions must be heated;
  • dry pet foods with high levels of fresh meat, as well as limited ingredient diets, must be produced using a twin screw extruder;
  • grain-free pet foods and those with high levels of fresh meat are fragile when extruded;
  • that scientifically validating the safety of high fresh meat pet foods produced on a single screw extruder is challenging or suspect.

Petfood Forum China

China’s pet food market continues to grow rapidly, as more domestic companies are established and are building plants producing high volumes, along with multinational players. At the same time, more premium pet food products are appearing on the Chinese market.

More than 100 pet food professionals, including conference sponsors, participated in Petfood Forum China 2016 on August 17 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai, in conjunction with Pet Fair Asia, one of the largest pet trade shows in China. In 2017, both events will move to the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, with Petfood Forum China taking place August 23, 2017.

Learn high meat pet food extrusion

Pet food professionals can learn how to incorporate novel and exotic proteins into pet treats and food during the Petfood Innovation Workshop and Kansas State University (KSU) Pet Food Experience September 13-15. Held on KSU’s main campus in Manhattan, Kansas, USA, this hands-on event provides an immersive experience in creating unique new pet food products that can meet today’s demand for high meat and a focus on protein.

Pet food industry ingredient and technology suppliers will lead participants through making pet treats and other pet food products with novel proteins such as stabilized rice bran, pork protein powder, spray-dried plasma, exotic animals and vegetables.

On September 14, the KSU Pet Food Experience will feature the university’s faculty, students and other experts presenting their latest research on pet jerky treat safety, sorghum-based pet food, comparative species resistant starch nutrition and other topics.

Registration is currently open for both Petfood Innovation Workshop and the KSU Pet Food Experience.