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Belgian United Petfood buys Spanish pet food Bynsa Group

Bynsa Group, a Spanish pet food company, signed a share purchase agreement with Belgium-based United Petfood. Under this agreement, United Petfood, a family-owned company specialized in the manufacturing of pet food for retail customers and brand owners, will acquire Bynsa Group.

The combined group will generate a turnover of 275 million euros with industrial activities in five European countries (Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Poland).

Following the joining of the two companies, Roger Mohr will remain CEO of Bynsa, while Mercadona will remain the main customer through its Compy brand.

It will allow the resulting group, in which Roger Mohr will become a partner, to accelerate its growth and strengthen its industrial expertise in the development and production of dry pet food and snacks.

Pet food facilities involved in acquisition

The joining of Bynsa and United Petfood means the creation of a combined group with nine plants in Europe, located in Spain (one), Belgium (one), France (five), the Netherlands (one) and Poland (one), and an industrial capacity of more than 400,000 metric tons of food and snacks for dogs and cats manufactured exclusively for third companies. Mercadona will continue to be the main client of the new project, as the pet food under the Compy brand will continue to be produced at the Burgo de Ebro facilities.

The geographical complementarity of both companies guarantees the continuation of the activities of the different facilities, as well as the existing jobs, according to a press release.

"The partnership reached makes Bynsa, a company that I have been driving since 2007, [is] a key part of a much more ambitious project that will enable all of us who are part of it not only to achieve the goals set before but also to take on new investment and business challenges,” said Roger Mohr, CEO of Bynsa, in a press release. “In fact, the sum of synergies and know-how makes us much better in Spain, where our aim is to continue growing with Mercadona, through Compy, through quality and specialisation. But we will also be contributing with our products and strategic location to strengthen United Petfood's export business, as well as continuing to invest in R&D&I."

From United Petfood’s side, the partnership with Bynsa enables the group to further develop its dry pet food, biscuits and snacks offering to customers in more than 40 countries.

“Bynsa’s state-of-the-art production facility in dry petfood and snacks fit our ambition to be our customers best partner through ensuring high quality and food safety, production efficiency and innovation,” said Mohr.

About Bynsa Group

Founded in 1988, Bynsa Group has become an important producer of pet food in Spain, with an annual production of around 122,000 tonnes and 180 employees. Mercadona's supplier since 2007, offers products under the Compy brand.

About United Petfood

United Petfood is a European group active in the production of dry pet food and biscuits for retailers and brand owners with production sites in Ghent (Belgium), Boulogne-sur-Mer (France), St-Colombe (France), St-Martin (France), Yzeure (France), Verteuil d’Agenais (France), Coevorden (Netherlands), and Biskupice (Poland).

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