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Kormotech increases sales, adds export countries, launches new facility

According to the results of 2018, the leading Ukrainian pet food manufacturer Kormotech increased its sales by 33% in cash and by 19% in real terms compared to 2017. This figure amounted to $48.2 MIO and 37 thousand tons respectively.

12.4% of the company's products sales fell on export markets in 2018. Last year company expanded the export countries list, adding Chile and Sweden for the Private Label products line. Now Kormotech exports its products to 19 countries of the world: the USA, Sweden, France, Chile, Estonia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan,

Rostyslav Vovk, CEO and co-founder of Kormotech specifies: “2018 – a year we celebrated our 15 anniversary was extremely dynamic for our team. We increased production capacities and sales. We plan to invest in further development in 2019-20. It’s the company’s next step in further expansion to the world market. In particular, we plan to grow on European, Scandinavian and American markets, - said Rostislav Vovk, CEO of Kormotech.

Company increased its annual production capacity of wet pet food to 16 thousand tons in 2018. In 2019 Kormotech plans to launch a new wet pet food production facility in Lithuania. 

By 2020 company expects to produce 21 thousand tons of wet pet food in total and 46 thousand tons of dry pet food at production facilities in Ukraine and Lithuania.

Company plans to make its first shipments of the Private Label products to Great Britain and Finland in 2019. The plans also include introduction of the brands to the US trading networks, as Kormotech already sells its products through the Amazon website.

The company set up 47 new workplaces in 2018 and plans to increase its team by another 29 people in 2019. Kormotech will also set up another 70 workplaces for a new production facility in Lithuania.

Kormotech is a corporate citizen and develops a culture of humane attitude toward pets, initiating such projects as:

  • “Take a dog to work” – more than 248 companies from 53 cities of Ukraine joined the action in 2018;
  • “Targeted aid to animal shelters” – 44.7 tons of pet food were transmitted to animal shelters, and more than 25 shelters have been receiving regular aid in the last 4 years;
  • The “Optimeal Expert” School boosts the industry's professionalism, having hosted 720 students in 2018 and conducted 32 modules jointly with experts;
  • “Little Prince. Lviv, that loves pets,” the humane education course was held for the third time in all schools in the city of Lviv and was attended by about 21,000 of 7 class students since 2016. 

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