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Earth Animal's dog food line launches with sustainable packaging

Braskem, the largest thermoplastics polyolefins producer in the Americas, and the leading producer of biopolymers in the world has partnered with Earth Animal, purveyor of health improving veterinary formulated products, to announce a new sustainable packaging initiative using Braskem’s sugarcane based I’m green Polyethylene (PE) biopolymer.

“Earth Animal has always been passionate about how, why, and what we do, and for us, we have felt that sustainability is a major part of our DNA,” said Stephanie Volo, VP of Marketing and Sustainability for Earth Animal.

“For over 40 years, our promise has been to preserve and enhance the quality of life for animals, people and the earth. And, partnering with Peel Plastics and Braskem to design and develop our Wisdom Dog Food packaging using the I’m green Polyethylene biopolymer was a natural fit given each company’s commitment to sustainability. We couldn’t be happier with the result,” added Volo.

Since 1979, Earth Animal has been dedicated to helping dog and cat parents achieve their animals’ health and healing objectives. As part of this commitment, Earth Animal is launching Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom dog food, crafted in small batches, and made with humanely, American-raised poultry, organic fruits and vegetables, as well as Vitality Cubes filled with essential vitamins and minerals. Each ingredient is thoughtfully sourced and using their patented wind technology, carefully air-dried to preserve essential nutrients, without the use of high temperatures or pressure, which can degrade the nutritional benefits of the ingredients.

Earth Animal will include at least 30% bioplastic packaging material into every bag of new line of Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom Dog Food, supporting their overall commitment to improved environmental sustainability and carbon reduction. To further enhance the environmental profile of the new more sustainable packaging, Earth Animal is partnering with TerraCycle in order to provide an end-of-life package recycling program.

Joe Jankowski, Commercial Manager for Braskem’s Renewables team in North America, stated, “With Earth Animal’s passion for sustainability and Peel Plastics expertise in packaging innovation, we are excited to partner with them both to bring the benefits of Braskem’s I’m green Polyethylene biopolymer to Dr. Bob’s Wisdom product launch.

Because transparency, quality, and sustainability are at the core of Earth Animal’s business, we are pleased to help bring that same approach to an exterior product packaging that resonates with consumers increasing desire for more sustainable materials and recyclability.”

Earth Animal’s Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom dog food line is launching in turkey and chicken recipe flavors packaged in one, three and ten-pound bags. The whole Wisdom line will be available at leading independent pet specialty stores throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest and online at in April 2019.

Braskem's I'm green Polyethylene is a bio-based resin made from ethanol, a renewable and sustainable resource produced from Brazilian sugarcane. I'm green Polyethylene retains the same properties, performance and application versatility of fossil fuel derived polyethylene, making it an ideal drop-in substitute for conventional oilbased polyethylene. Cultivation of sugarcane utilized in the production of I'm green Polyethylene captures carbon dioxide (CO2) and releases oxygen (O2), which means Braskem’s bioplastic has a negative carbon footprint. From a cradle-to-gate life-cycle perspective, every ton of I’m green Polyethylene used in the production of packaging equates to 3.09 tons of CO2 captured from the atmosphere.

With over 40 years of experience as a recognized leader in flexible packaging solutions and process innovation, Peel Plastics has developed extensive knowhow into the unique packaging requirements and technologies of the pet food business. The Peel Plastics team worked with Earth Animal and Braskem to design, develop and integrate the I’m green Polyethylene biopolymer into a new packaging solution that maintains all the performance characteristics required, while delivering a solution that is better for the environment.

Weijia Zhang, Business Development Manager of Peel Plastic Products, commented, “with an emphasis on delivering maximum nutrition to pets and pet parents, Earth Animal’s packaging requirements aligned perfectly with the properties of I’m green Polyethylene. We are excited to be able to combine high performing materials with our production expertise to deliver a package dedicated to meeting consumer and market needs.”

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