Belgium-based United Petfood, international dog and cat food producer, acquired Italian company Effeffe Petfood. Effeffe produces private label pet food in a facility located in Pieve Porto Morone.

From a United Petfood press release:

“The acquisition of Effeffe fits in the strategy of United Petfood to further strengthen its position in the international market. The Italian company has more than 30 years of experience in the private label pet food industry and employs 85 people.

“The takeover of the production site of Effeffe enables United Petfood to expand its business in the Italian market. The acquisition brings new growth opportunities and additional technological possibilities. The partnership also gives the group a strong base and continuity for all stakeholders.”

Other recent acquisitions by United Petfood

United Petfood acquires Dutch pet treat producer

April 15, 2018

United Petfood, a Belgium-based producer of pet food, has acquired the Dutch pet treat company Animal Lovers.

Belgian United Petfood buys Spanish pet food Bynsa Group

July 9, 2018

The combined group will generate a turnover of 275 million euros with industrial activities in five European countries (Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Poland).

Nordic Petfood joins United Petfood

August 9, 2018

Nordic Petfood, the largest Romanian petfood producer, joined United Petfood, a European group active in the production of dry pet food, biscuits and snacks for retailers and brand owners.

United Petfood revenue and background

United Petfood Producers had an annual revenue of US$350,000 in 2018, according to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data. United Petfood specializes in extruded dry dog and cat food under private label. The Belgian family business sells in more than 30 countries, including Kuwait, Russia, Suriname and Cameroon. In 2018, United Petfood Producers opened a new factory in Biskupice, Poland. The company also acquired a production site in Coevorden, the Netherlands; a new factory in Zaragoza, Spain; and a new factory in Buftea, Romania.