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Nordic Petfood joins United Petfood

Nordic Petfood, the largest Romanian petfood producer, joined United Petfood, a European group active in the production of dry pet food, biscuits and snacks for retailers and brand owners.

The Romanian shareholders took the decision in order to accelerate the future development of the Nordic Petfood companies. The inclusion within United Petfood, enables Nordic Petfood to continue its growth in the Eastern European region within a strong group.

"Nordic Petfood, production and distribution, will step up onto the next level: increase of production capacity, enter into new foreign markets, product innovation and portfolio expansion,while bringing more value to our clients," said Iulia Stana, Managing partner with Nordic Petfood.

"As member of United Petfood we have the opportunity to find the best external partners to help us meet high standards of quality, innovation and security in the production process," added Iulia Stana.

Nordic Petfood will continue to be managed by the existing management team and all Nordic employees will all become part of the United Petfood team. United Petfood has many years of know-how and experience in the development and production of dry pet food and snacks, which can bring significant opportunities to Nordic in the medium and long term.

"The transaction with Nordic Petfood is in line with the strategy of United Petfood, to strengthen and further grow the business and be the best partner for our customers worldwide. This partnership is based on innovation, product quality, production efficiency and logistic services. We aim to continue and further develop relationships with personnel, customers and suppliers of Nordic Petfood," said Dominiek Dumoulin and Dries Eeckhout from United Petfood.

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