Kong Aussie Sticks recalled due to possible mold contamination

Petfood product manufacturer JAKKS Pacific has recalled its Kong Aussie Sticks dog treats due to possible mold contamination.

Petfood product manufacturer JAKKS Pacific has recalled its Kong Aussie Sticks dog treats due to possible mold contamination.

"The products were not dried properly, so a small percentage of finished goods have gone moldy," said a company spokesperson. "The majority of the product is fine, and the mold was caught at our distribution center, but some product may have made it to PetSmart. So, we are recalling all the product at PetSmart and destroying all the product we have at our DC."

The products being recalled have item numbers of 75559 or 75560, and Best Before dates of 1/30/16 or 1/31/16. Product can be returned to PetSmart for a full refund.

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