11 pet food sustainability articles as of Earth Day 2019

Subjects ranged from the environmental effects of novel pet food ingredients to recyclable pet food packaging.

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Photo by Debbie Phillips-Donaldson
Photo by Debbie Phillips-Donaldson

As of April 22, 2019, these eleven Petfood Industry news articles, blogs, features and press releases have covered topics related to environmental and social sustainability. Subjects ranged from the environmental effects of novel pet food ingredients to recyclable pet food packaging.

1. Quinoa pet food ingredients help, hurt Andean farmers

Pet food companies now use quinoa for its superfood reputation, but the popularity of the crop had repercussions for the people who first domesticated it.

2. Insect-based pet food ingredient maker among top funded

During the past 12 months, two insect farms broke the record for largest amount of funding raised.

3. US-style high meat pet food may survive sustainably

Moist, meat-laden kibble must dry after extrusion. The more moisture, the more energy needed to evaporate it.

4. 5 novel pet food proteins address health, sustainability

Originally, novel proteins mostly served as tools to help veterinarians and pet owners find foods that would not trigger allergic reactions in dogs, cats and other pets. Now, novel proteins also provide a means for pet food manufacturers to meet consumer demands for sustainable products with nutritional benefits.

5. Nascent insect-based pet food industry eyes ecology

Insect farms should be wary of potential environmental effects of escapees, as well as the sustainability of feed and housing, said scientists.

6. Insect-protein dog food plans growth in U.K. and abroad

Yora markets their dog food as a sustainable alternative to conventional dog foods.

7. Top 6 pet food trends, conversations at Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo (GPE) always presents a great opportunity to meet and chat with people from throughout the pet food industry and see the latest trends – often in the form of pet food brands’ new product launches. 

8. Earth Animal's dog food line launches with sustainable packaging

The new integrated bioplastic packaging debuted at Global Pet Expo 2019.

9. Bühler joins the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

By connecting with WBCSD, Bühler hopes to make a real impact on global corporate sustainability.

10. The increasing popularity of vegan pet food in the UK

The number of people eating a vegan diet is on the rise, and so is the popularity of vegan pet food.

11. TC Transcontinental Packaging wins gold in sustainability and packaging

The flexible packaging converter takes home top honors at the 2019 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards.

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