Halal, Kosher pet food products gaining traction

Quality certifications to play a huge role in the competitive pet food market, according to Transparency Market Research.

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Adapted from a press release:

Transparency Market Research expects quality certification to soar high in the competitive pet food market. Quality certification plays a significant role, as it ascertains quality and quantity of the product offered. Quality certifications help in maintaining the grade of the food. Therefore, consumers easily trust products, which are approved by regulatory bodies, such as GFSI, ISO, FSSAI, FDA, HALAL, and KOSHER. These certifications ensure product quality through certain laboratory tests. HALAL and KOSHER certifications are especially for particular communities, ensuring that the certified beef or pork-related products are fit for consumption as per their ethical laws. 

Organic and Plant-based food products gain traction

Pet owners, especially those who are vegetarian prefer feeding plant-based or vegan food to their pets, according to Transparency Market Research. Moreover, pet owners often groom and feed pets with food that has adequate amount of nutrients in them. Consumers have become more conscious than before about their pet food and ingredients incorporated in them. Natural and organic options are becoming popular. Pet owners often look for similar attributes in pet food. Customers expect pet food to be made without artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, synthetic hormones, toxicpesticides or antibiotics. 

In order to capitalize on prevailing trends, manufacturers are launching a wide range of organic as well as natural food products. For instance, the company, Kroger, offers all-natural pet food, which is protein-rich and has vegetable content. 

Read more about Halal in pet food 

Powercat, a Malaysian pet food brand that claims to be the only halal-certified cat food in the world, has found a receptive testbed in Southeast Asia for its unique offering. Manufactured by Adabi Consumer Industries Group of Companies, Powercat is available to date in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. It’s been developed primarily with Muslim cat owners in mind, but it also now attracts non-Muslim cat owners who want to be guaranteed that their cats’ food is absolutely clean. Adabi is the first Malaysian food manufacturer to receive the halal vertification from its government's Islamic Affairs Division. The company also has a HACCP certification (hazard analysis and critical control points, an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food) that ensures all its products, be they for humans or pets, meet the highest manufacturing standards for hygiene and quality. 

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