Get involved in the Petfood Industry LinkedIn community!

Learn about the benefits of joining the Petfood Industry LinkedIn community, and take part in a new feature of the group: Petfood Industry Polls, coming in November.

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Are you part of the Petfood Industry Community on LinkedIn? It’s a thriving group for pet food professionals involved in everything from packaging and marketing to manufacturing and ingredients. You can join us to network with global pet food professionals and stay up-to-date on the latest companion animal nutrition, research and trends. Do you have a production issue or nutrition question? In our group, you’ll find answers from editors and industry experts who have encountered the same situations or needed the same information.

New in November 2021: Petfood Industry Polls

If you’re looking for a way to become more active in the Community, be part of our content, or just want to chat with an editor, stop by the Community group every Monday starting in November for the week’s group poll question. Each question posted will be related to an upcoming feature in Petfood Industry magazine, with the results compiled, analyzed and published in the relevant magazine issue. It’s a great way to engage with other experts on a topic you all care about, as well as get additional insights into the content we publish!

November’s questions will focus on pet food industry trends for 2022. Join the Petfood Industry Community on LinkedIn and be part of the conversation!

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