Diana Pet Food to increase capacity in Mexico with new plant

Pet food ingredient supplier Diana Pet Food will build a new plant in Querétaro, increasing its production capacity in Mexico five-fold by 2024.

Diana Pet Food's facility in Querétaro, Mexico.
Diana Pet Food's facility in Querétaro, Mexico.
Courtesy of Diana Pet Food

Diana Pet Food recently announced that it will increase its current production capacity in Mexico five-fold, after acquiring 3,400 sq. meters of land to build a future facility. According to a company press release, Mexico represents a key market for Diana, as the country holds fifth place globally in terms of pet food production. 

The future production facility of Diana Pet Food will continue to be in the city of QuerĂ©taro, in central Mexico, adjacent to most pet food companies’ production plants in the country. In fact, QuerĂ©taro is the site of two pet food market leaders in Mexico: NestlĂ© Purina and Mars. 

Diana Pet Food is a leading supplier of palatability enhancers, functional ingredients and antioxidant solutions to the pet food industry. Its new production facility in Mexico is estimated to start operating in 2024. 

An ecologically friendly pet food ingredient facility 

According to the press release, the new plant in Mexico “will follow the path of the recent plants inaugurated in Colombia and China, which incorporated an environmentally friendly design and operation.” The company added that the design of the Mexican factory will comply with the corporate social responsibility strategy of Diana to minimize the social and environmental footprint and prioritize sustainability.

“The new facility seeks to have minimal impact on the environment as it will also follow LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards,” the release said.

How does the expansion impact the pet food industry?

In Mexico, Diana Pet Food has a widespread presence and a potential market of nearly 1.3 million metric tons of dog and cat food annually, according to Triplethree International estimates. The company operates fairly freely in the market; currently only a few other companies, such as AFB International and Callizo, supply palatants to the Mexican pet food industry.

Therefore, Diana Pet Food is preparing for a promising future in the country and envisions further growth for the local pet food market.

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