Stella & Chewy's helps senior pets find forever homes

The company will aid in adoptions by offering to reimburse adoption fees throughout November to owners who rescue a dog or cat over 5 years of age.

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Adapted from a press release:

The decision to adopt an older pet can take on lifesaving importance, as many are overlooked by potential adopters. Senior dogs have a 25% adoption rate compared to the 60% adoption rate of younger dogs in the United States, according to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. That's why premium pet food brand Stella & Chewy's is raising awareness and encouraging senior pet adoptions, especially during National Adopt a Senior Pet Month in November.  

This year, Stella & Chewy's is making senior pet adoption easier by continuing to offer potential pet parents adoption fee reimbursements for any dog and cat age 5+ rescued from shelters across the U.S. and Canada throughout the month of November, but is also partnering with Pilots To The Rescue to sponsor flights bringing senior pets into more adoptable cities to help them find their forever homes. 

Since the National Adopt a Senior Pet Month campaign's inception in 2019, Stella & Chewy's has helped more than 650 senior pets find their forever homes. The campaign is part of the brand's Journey Home Fund program, which was established in 2018 and aims to bring awareness to adult and senior pet adoption while ensuring shelter pets have best-in-class nutrition – especially during this holiday season. 

Pet parents who adopt a senior shelter pet during the month of November can visit the Stella & Chewy's website to submit adoption forms for fee reimbursement. Additionally, Stella & Chewy's is providing these new pet parents with a $40 value voucher to redeem on any Stella & Chewy's product that will allow these senior pets to thrive once in their new homes. 

"I was inspired to start our company by my own rescue dogs, Stella and Chewy – so I know firsthand all of the joys pet adoption can bring," said Marie Moody, founder of Stella & Chewy's. "Stella & Chewy's has long placed a focus on senior pet adoption, but this year we're overjoyed to be taking things even further by not only eliminating the barrier of the cost of adoption, but also making senior pets more accessible by our work with Pilots To The Rescue." 

Read more about senior dog food formulations 

As cats and dogs reach the senior stage, they may experience different physical, physiological, metabolic, and behavioral changes. This can result in many issues, such as declining skin, coat, or teeth condition, deterioration in joint health and functionality, decreasing vitality, greater vulnerability to allergies and disease, or reduced stress tolerance. Specific ingredients may be used to control or mitigate these issues. The composition of senior cat and dog food needs to focus on maintaining health and optimal body condition, including special attention to organ functioning, thereby extending life expectancy and prolonging the quality of life.  

Senior pet food formulations may help aging dogs cope with the physical changes that come with growing older by using functional ingredients and adjusting nutrient levels. Likewise, specifically formulated dog foods can tantalize aging canines’ declining senses. “Nearly half of the pet population is estimated to be in the senior stage of life,” said Juan Gomez, global director for Alltech's companion animal business. “As life span increases, chronic age-related changes like arthritis, reduced mobility, visual and hearing loss, and cognitive decline take place.”  

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