Yummy Combs named dog treat of the year

Pet’s Best Life, maker of Yummy Combs, said it's the first dog treat to be clinically proven to remove hardened tartar from teeth.

Yummy Combs Dog Treat Of The Year 2024
Pet’s Best Life

Pet’s Best Life, manufacturer of Yummy Combs, announces it has been named the 2024 Product of the Year winner in the dog treat category.

Product of the Year USA – said to be the nation’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation – noted Yummy Combs is the first treat to be clinically proven to remove hardened tartar from teeth.

According to Pet's Best Life, Yummy Combs offer several innovations with eight U.S. patents issued and two more pending.  They were developed with input from a board-certified veterinary nutritionist with a Ph.D. in physiology and a  board-certified veterinary dentist. Yummy Combs deliver solutions for three major issues:

  1. Tartar accumulation. The functional shape is patented and designed to remove over 25% tartar and reduce bad breath by 46%. Yummy Combs also flosses and scrubs 360° around teeth to the gum line to deter plaque and tartar and has earned the VOHC Seal of Acceptance for Tartar Control. Tartar harbors bacteria and plaque precursors to dangerous gum disease that can result in vital organ damage or failure. Studies document that 80% of dogs over the age of 3 have tartar accumulation on their teeth or gum disease.
  2. Weight issues. According to the company, 54% of dogs over the age of 2 are overweight, which can cut two years of life expectancy for a dog. Yummy Combs reverses the protein-to-starch ratio by 20-fold by increasing protein and greatly reducing the starch/carbohydrates. The Pet’s Best Life recommendation is to reduce your dog’s main meal by 10% to offset the calories provided when feeding Yummy Combs each and every day. 

  3. Hybrid Wellness. Yummy Combs deliver 95 benefits to dogs for overall Hybrid Wellness --  which implies combining two or more elements to achieve an improved outcome. The 95 benefits for dogs and dog owners range from 8 issued patents, state of the art oral care, advanced safety, superior nutrition and great taste plus 12 wellness specific ingredients and 10 ‘firsts’ in the pet treat innovations.

“We are honored that Pet’s Best Life and the Yummy Combs brand have been voted to receive this distinguished national award," said Dr. Joe Roetheli, CEO of Pet’s Best Life.  "It is gratifying to see innovation to deliver the next generation of welfare of dogs be rewarded."

Dr. Roetheli also noted the patented functional shape is essentially a hybrid between a "hexagonal hockey puck" in terms of the perimeter and the interior hexagonal cells of a nest of bees on the top and bottom sides. Honey, for a dog’s immune system, is one of 12 wellness ingredients included in the formula.

Product of the Year (POY) is the largest consumer-voted award for product innovation. Established over 30 years ago, POY currently operates in over 43 countries. POY winners are backed by the votes of 40,000 consumers in a national representative study conducted by research partner Kantar, a global leader in consumer research.  

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