Veterinary pet monitor designed for Hill’s dog food

The monitor provides information to help veterinarians treat pets’ health, including dermatological, weight and mobility conditions correlated to pet diet.


Hill’s Pet Nutrition and AGL collaborated on a wearable pet monitoring system, called Vetrax, that is designed to work in conjunction with Hill’s SmartCare prescription pet food. The monitor provides round-the-clock behavioral information to help veterinarians diagnose and treat pets’ health conditions, including dermatological, weight and mobility conditions that may be correlated to diet.

The Vetrax sensor, app and portal give veterinarians and pet owners access to continuous data about the animals’ activity. Veterinarians have constant access to observe signs such as scratching and head shaking, along with other important pet behaviors such as walking, resting, running and sleep quality.

The Vetrax Pet Parent App features a personalized pet dashboard that may help keep pet owners involved in their dog’s treatment. This can improve compliance by allowing the pet parent to be more
engaged in their pet’s health and see measurable changes from their veterinarian’s treatment plan.

“They will be able to monitor the effects of their recommendations in nearly real time, providing them and pet parents with a new level of understanding about how therapeutic nutrition and other recommended therapies can help transform the lives of dogs suffering from dermatological, weight and mobility conditions,” said Jesper Nordengaard of Hill's Pet Nutrition in a press release.

Hill’s will demonstrate Vetrax, in conjunction with the Hill’s SmartCare prescription pet food, in the Hill’s’ Pet Nutrition Technology Hub at the North American Veterinary Community conference on Sunday, February 5.

About AGL

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, AGL develops systems that help owners and their veterinarians manage
animals’ health. AGL works with strategic-development partners, including the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

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