Nestle Purina attends Pet Fair Asia

From August 21 - 25, the 22nd Pet Fair Asia (hereinafter referred to as the Pet Fair Asia) was held in Shanghai, China, attracting the attention of many pet brands and pet lovers around the world.

From August 21 - 25, the 22nd Pet Fair Asia (hereinafter referred to as the Pet Fair Asia) was held in Shanghai, China, attracting the attention of many pet brands and pet lovers around the world. Nestle Purina also attended the show with great enthusiasm. Two attractive exhibition areas, "Pro Plan Scientific Nutrition Research Institute" and "FancyFeast Star Restaurant," jointly created by Pro Plan and Zhihu, were unveiled.

During the exhibition, more than 20 international executives of Purina, including Rafael Lopez, president of Nestle Purina AOA; Jean Grunenwald, head of global business and Dan Smith, head of global research and development center, made a special trip to China to attend the Pet Fair Asia in Shanghai and bring Nestle Purina's innovative products and experiences to Chinese consumers.

On the scene of the Pet Fair Asia, "Pro Plan Scientific Nutrition Research Institute" jointly presented by Pro Plan and Zhihu conveyed practical knowledge of scientific nutrition for pets to the public in a vivid and interesting way. In the shoes of "scientific nutrition researcher" for one day, the visitors had the chance to get involved in various links starting from the "scientific research project establishment" to a series of interactive links such as "research and development laboratory" and "debate on eliminating the false and keeping the true," to learn about scientific pet care and get a deeper understanding of Pro Plan's brand spirit of upholding scientific attitude and improving the global quality of pets' life with leading scientific research technology.

In the "FancyFeast Star Restaurant," which is specially designed for cats, FancyFeast invited Mr. Haoran, a master chef of Le Cordon Bleu, to produce star-rated dishes for cats on the scene using the FancyFeast star dishes as ingredients and in the concept of human-grade cuisine. Visitors could complete the tour of star-grade food through the interactive link of the on-site dish presentation, and exchange the stars for the limited edition FancyFeast star-picking package. 

During their 6-day trip to China, Nestle Purina executives not only visited the Chinese pet market, but also had in-depth discussions and exchanges with their partners in China on the prospect and future development of the Chinese market.

In the first half of 2019, all Nestle product categories achieved positive growth, among which pet food achieved gratifying results, equating with coffee, infant nutrition, water and Nestle health science as high-growth categories. Especially in AOA region, Nestle Purina recorded double-digit growth and maintained a rapid development trend. On the scene of the Pet Fair Asia, Nestle Purina's senior executives said that they would continue to expand their pet care business in China in the future and carry out customized research and development for the Chinese market while introducing more cutting-edge scientific and technological products.

Nestle Purina's business expansion in China not only is an embodiment of its global strategic layout, but also shows its optimistic view of the future development of China's pet market. As the world's second largest pet market, China's overall market potential for pet food should not be underestimated. According to the data from the Chinese Pet Industry White Paper of 2018, the compound growth rate of China's pet industry was 39.1% from 2010 to 2016, ranking first among all consumer goods industries. After 2016, the average annual growth rate still reached 25.85%. In 2018, the overall market size reached 170.8 billion yuan and is expected to reach 220.3 billion yuan by 2020.

As a pioneer in the global pet food industry and one of the pet care leaders, Purina has 125-year history in the industry and is the first company in the world to devote itself to animal nutrition research and establish a research and development center. From the first research and development center set up by Purina in Gray Summit in 1926 to the eight research and development centers successively set up in the world up to now, Purina has always persisted in exploration and continuously expanded the research boundary, adhering to the mission of improving the global quality of pets' lives with leading scientific research technology. Up to now, Purina has more than 7,700 (including those under application) scientific and technological patents. In 2001, Purina joined Nestle Group and founded Nestle Purina Pet Food Company, becoming one of the world's top pet food manufacturers.

Similarly, as the founder and important promoter of China's pet industry, Nestle Purina began to lay out the nascent Chinese pet market as early as 2001. In 2006, Nestle Purina established its first pet food factory in China. Over the past few years, Nestle Purina's business in China has maintained double-digit growth. Localized production, localized team and localized decision not only show Nestle Purina's global vision, but also show its determination to vigorously develop pet business in China.

Nestle Purina, together with the global decision-making management, appeared at the Pet Fair Asia in Shanghai, which undoubtedly shows that it will continue to increase its attention to and investment in China's pet business. In the future, Nestle Purina will actively respond to the opportunities and challenges brought by the market development on the basis of providing more innovative products and capital investment to further promote the development of China's pet market.

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