Austin and Kat Pet Products announces new partnership

Austin and Kat recently entered a partnership with specialty pet sales force, Packer Mellem.

Seattle-based company Austin and Kat, purveyor of premium, holistic, and functional wellness biscuits and tinctures for pets, recently entered a partnership with renowned specialty pet sales force, Packer Mellem.

"I’m excited to partner my team, which I consider a group of really good human beings, with the people from Austin and Kat, whom I consider to be really good human beings.  I believe that when good people come together, great things can be achieved,” says Rob Mellem, Founder.  

Liz Schmitt, VP of Sales, agrees.  “Our team can’t wait to go see customers again and we’re excited to bring them the healthy line of CBD wellness products from Austin and Kat.  Kat and her team make CBD easy to understand, and we’re looking forward to teaching independent pet stores about effective solutions for pets.”

Rob and the entire Packer Mellem crew bring rich experience to the task at hand.  “I saw a gap in the pet industry,” says Rob.  “There were so many intriguing, great brands out there...and anyone that has built out a team in the pet industry knows how fast the operating costs add up.  Now we have eleven reps in the field (at Packer Mellem) and I couldn’t be more proud.”

“As the pet CBD and wellness category continues to grow by leaps and bounds it was paramount that Austin and Kat partnered with the best of the best,” says  Kat Donatello, Founder and CEO of Austin and Kat ™.  “Having met Rob and members of his team in 2018, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Packer Mellem this spring.  Their relationships, expertise, knowledge, and commitment to the industry allow us to collaborate with retailers across the country and meet the needs of owners and their pets.”

Austin and Kat is sold state-wide, but is looking forward to a deeper market penetration in the specialty pet channels with Packer Mellem’s help.  

It all began in Kat’s home kitchen in 2014, as a way to assist her aging dog Brady into his golden years with the help of a naturally occurring component of hemp called cannabidiol (CBD).  What started as a small operation grew quickly into a full-fledged product line of biscuits and oils - and continues to expand today to answer the growing demand of the marketplace.  Their CBD products for pets have been shown to ease pain, calm inflammation, and quell anxiety.  All products are still created by hand, in small batches, using the very best all natural, gluten free, and locally sourced ingredients. 

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