ROYAL CANIN "Pet-First" philosophy mobilizes team

ROYAL CANIN announces details on vital support provided to those most impacted by COVID-19.

ROYAL CANIN â€“ a global leader in tailored health and nutrition products for dogs and cats –  announces details on vital support provided to those most impacted by the COVID-19 lockdown.

As a division of Mars Inc., ROYAL CANIN Canada's charitable giving program is a coordinated part of an even larger effort – a global cash and in-kind donation of $20 million to support the people, pets and communities most affected by COVID-19. ROYAL CANIN Canada's approach to providing relief is guided by both the Mars Principles, and the Pet-First approach that the business – and more importantly, the Associates – adhere to passionately. "In the course of our daily work we're in constant contact with our extended pet community – that includes pet-store charities, local shelters and humane societies, veterinary outreach programs and service dog organizations, just to name a few," said Dan Alvo, GM for ROYAL CANIN Canada. "And our deeply rooted Pet-First values quickly translated to a clear call for action from our Associates."

Within days of the onset of the lockdown in Canada, ROYAL CANIN® moved quickly to deliver over four tractor-trailer loads of pet food to more than 20 local organizations across the country with a focus on immediate relief for those most in need – often smaller organizations that are easily overlooked.  More recently, the company has made an additional $65,000 cash and in-kind donation – as demand for support continues to grow around the country – channeled through Humane Societies and important charitable organizations like Community Veterinary Outreach. "We provide health and social services for homeless and vulnerably housed individuals and their pets, which comes with its own challenges under normal circumstances," says Dr. Susan Kilborn, Ottawa Region and One Health Director for Community Veterinary Outreach, "but the COVID-19 pandemic has made ongoing contributions from supporters like ROYAL CANIN nothing short of vital for the vulnerable community."

As a designated essential service, ROYAL CANIN Canada recognized the importance of its products and services to the communities it serves, and continues to work closely with partners to provide ongoing support wherever possible.

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